Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete Clearing the Landslide (I think)

Reward: 150 G, two Moon Cloves

Unlocks: --

To trigger this quest you need to first clear the way to the second, larger section of Meadow Range. This will require progressing far enough into the game to unlock and complete Clearing the Landslide. You'll also need to, y'know, clear the landslide out of the way, allowing you access to the remainder of Meadow Range. You'll need some of the better materials from this area to make the Potion that's the subject of this quest.

Head south of Moonbury Town, to the dirt road intersection with the train station and Forrest's House. You'll trigger a cut scene with Dean, Derrek, and Osman, and they're trying to move a load of crates. You offer to make them a Potion that will temporarily enhance their strength so they can get the job done.

Head back home. The Potion you need to create, the Blade Tonic, is waiting at the Cauldron. With fifteen squares to fill the Blade Tonic can be a little challenging to cobble together early in the game, though you can get the job done with materials exclusively from Meadow Range. Here are some suggestions:
  • Place a Savage Mane on the top-left corner of the template. Bonemasks in Meadow Range drop Savage Manes.
  • Place a Silver Ore below the Savage Mane. You can find Silver Ore by mashing the larger rocks in Meadow Range.
  • Two Sticky Jellies can fill in the spaces in the middle and on the right side of the template. Kill the Green Blobs throughout Meadow Range to get Sticky Jellies.
  • All that leaves a three-square space to fill. You can do this with Konjac, acquired by completing the Annoying Bugs quest, or with Bear's Paws, which are dropped by Honeypaws in the early section of Meadow Range.

Bring the resulting Potion to Derrek. When he's not at home in the mornings you'll find him either at the Police Department or, most often, at Moonbury Park. Have your dog track Derrek down if he's a no-show. Derrek will finish moving the crates thanks to your Potion,