Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Raise Helene and Dean's friendship level to 2

Reward: Two Moon Cloves

Unlocks: --

To trigger this quest you'll need to raise the friendship level of at least Helene to level 2, and possibly Dean as well. Once you've done that, head to the Arcade Centre. (I went around 16:00, if it matters.) You'll catch a quick scene between Helene and Dean, and Dean is trying his best to keep Helene from exploring dangerous environments in search of precious gems. He insists that you do it instead. What a guy.

In order to complete this quest you need to obtain two materials from some dangerous locations, and in both cases you'll need to do some fighting. You'll also need access to the Barren Wasteland, requiring the completion of A Plumbing Problem.

  • First you'll need five Luminous Crystals. Luminous Crystals are carried by Koblin Mages, the slight, magic-wielding Koblins that inhabit the entirety of the Barren Wastelands. They're pretty easy to defeat, though their fireballs can still do some decent damage - and they usually travel alongside other enemies.
  • Second, you'll need three Dark Crystals. Dark Crystals are carried by Koblin Generals, the big, shield-carrying Koblins that roam the latter half of Barren Wasteland. You'll need an axe and good timing to wear down their defenses without getting smacked by their clubs.

Bring the goods back to Helene. Though she's supposed to be keeping an eye on the Arcade Centre, she's often not there. Bring out your dog to track her down. The resulting cut scene will see Dean embarrassed, and you'll earn your reward for battling the Koblins.