Main Walkthrough

Camphrier Town

A small settlement on the outskirts of Lumiose City, Camphrier Town is slightly more notable than a lot of the waypoint communities you'll cross in Pokémon X and Y. In addition to having plenty of items for the taking, there are a number of NPCs worth checking out while you're in town. Let's have a quick look around before we leave.
  • Right beside the entrance of Camphrier Town is a house. In here you'll meet Cassius, the administrator for the Kalos Region's Pokémon Storage System. Talk to his walking assistant to receive TM46 Thief.
  • Head south of the entrance of Camphrier Town to find the local Pokémon Center. Beside it is a guy who will give you an Ultra Ball. Inside the Pokémon Center you'll find a Name Rater sitting at a table who can change the names of your Pokémon.
  • Take the south exit out of town. You'll find a Star Piece sitting on the cliffs. Check the bush at the dead end of this little trail for an Ether.
  • West of the Pokémon Center is the Hotel Camphrier. Talk to the young man in the lobby for a Full Heal. Upstairs you'll find Mr. Bonding, who will grant you the Sp. Atk O-Power.
  • Talk to the girl just north of the Hotel for a Berry Juice. Hop down the ledge to the left of the Hotel to find an X Attack.
  • Inside the house north of Hotel Camphrier is a maid who will give you a Sweet Heart. Also here is a man who will give you a Berry - Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, or Aspear - if you show him a Pokémon of the type he asks for. You can speak to both of these NPCs daily for fresh rewards.
  • In the center of town is a small fountain. Check the bush to the northwest of the fountain to find an Antidote.
The last place you can check out if Shabboneau Castle, in the north of Camphrier Town. At the moment all you can find inside is an Escape Rope, on the south end of the second floor. You nevertheless need to check it out for a cut scene that will trigger the next section of your journey, and send you towards Route 7.

Route 7: Riviére Walk

On the west side of Camphrier Town you'll find Route 7. Take the western route when the path splits, then south. You'll find a Berry Farm. Agree to take care of it and the farmer will show you how to plant Berries. He'll also give you Oran Berries and Pecha Berries for you to plant and a Sprinkltotad for watering the seeds you plant. You can use this place to harvest an endless supply of Berries for your Pokémon to hold. Once the explanations are done, check the bottom-left corner of the field for a Miracle Seed.

Get back on the road and continue west. A cut scene will ensue, and it'll become obvious that you can't go any further in this direction just yet. Stupid Snorlax. Backtrack towards Camphrier Town and head northwest towards Route 6 instead.

Route 6: Palais Lane Pokémon
  • Audino - Common, Rustling Bush
  • Espurr - Uncommon, Tall Grass
  • Honedge - Uncommon, Tall Grass
  • Kecleon - Rare, Tall Grass
  • Nincada - Rare, Tall Grass
  • Oddish - Common, Tall Grass
  • Sentret - Uncommon, Tall Grass
  • Venipede - Common, Rustling Bush
Route 6 is a bit odd. Though it looks straightforward, if you walk beside the bushes you'll occasionally get jumped by a Pokémon. This is a great way to run into Audino, which are high-experience Pokémon. Walking up and down the path is a great way to level up your weaker Pokémon, as Audino aren't that difficult to beat if you rely on physical attacks.

Take a left almost immediately after you enter the next screen. Hidden near the side of the road, down a thin pathway, is an X Sp. Atk. There are big fields of tall grass on the left and right sides of the Route, though to get at them you first need to go down the central path. You'll run into two trainers as you walk north.

Tourist Hiroko
  • Pikachu, level 11
  • Pidgey, level 11
  • Psyduck, level 11
Reward: 880 P

Tourist Eriko
  • Zigzagoon, level 11
  • Ralts, level 11
  • Gulpin, level 11
Reward: 880 P

After traversing Route 6 you'll be on the grounds of Parfum Palace, your next destination. If you want you can jump right ahead and ignore the rest of Route 6. If you want a more complete exploration of Route 6, however, you'll need to check out the tall grass on both sides of the path you just traveled. You can find the entrances to them on both sides of the entry path to Parfum Palace.

Route 6 - Left Path

Before you can enter the tall grass on the left side of Route 6 you'll run into a pair of trainers.

Poké Fan Family Jan & Erin
  • Furfrou, level 14
  • Furfrou, level 14
Reward: 2,240 P

These Furfrou are a straightforward nuisance worthy of discussion. They'll spend the whole time either Headbutting your Pokémon or using Tail Whip, resulting in nasty amounts of damage if your team is low on defense. Their owners will also restore their health using Super Potions, prolonging the fight. It's highly recommended that you use a Fighting-type to target their innate weakness. Otherwise, use status ailments like paralysis to weaken and / or entirely negate some of their turns. If your team is lagging behind these two Furfrous can prove to be a nasty wake-up call.

(Can't beat the Furfrous? You can sneak past the Fan Family. There's a small gap behind them that will get you into the grass without a fight.)

Check the western periphery of the tall grass for a Super Repel on a small side path, then return to the main path leading south. You'll run into a (mostly) unseen trainer who's hiding in the grass on your left.

Beauty Brigitte
  • Espurr, level 12
  • Butterfree, level 13
Reward: 960 P

Hop down from the ledges to the south of Brigitte and check the fields to the east. In a small clearing to the north you'll find an Awakening. Further south and back towards the west through the grass you'll find more ledges These lead down to an Aguav Tree on your left. South of the tree is a trainer.

Youngster Tyler
  • Venipede, level 12
  • Scraggy, level 13
Reward: 288 P

Follow the paths south from Tyler. When you're almost in the southeast corner you'll be approached by a trainer. Not far from him you'll find an Ultra Ball. East of the Ultra Ball you'll find ledges that will take you back to the main road of Route 6.

Backpacker Roderick
  • Bunnelby, level 14
Reward: 560 P

Route 6 - Right Path

The beaten path splits immediately south of the entrance to this section of Route 4. Continuing south will bring you to an Antidote. Along the path that leads to the left you'll be greeted by a trainer.

Backpacker Jerome
  • Fletchling, level 14
Reward: 560 P

Keep following the paths through the grass until you come to a long one leading straight south. Wade into the grass to your left and you'll see a small clearing with an X Speed. If you check the eastern edge of the field you'll find a small path leading to a tiny clearing. Check the northern, unclimbable hill, right in the middle of this clearing, for a Tiny Mushroom.

Head back to the beaten path. Shortly after jumping down a ledge you'll run into another trainer. West of him is yet another trainer.

Tourist Takemi
  • Volbeat, level 14
Reward: 1,008 P

This battle is surprisingly dangerous if you're not careful. The Volbeat can confuse your Pokémon, as well as use Double Team to increase its evasiveness and Moonlight to restore its HP. Use Fire- or Flying-type moves to take the Volbeat down quickly.

Tourist Mari
  • Illumise, level 14
Reward: 1,008 P

Illumise is annoying for largely the same reasons as the Volbeat, though it's not quite as troublesome. Again, go super-effective with your attacks right away.

South of Mari and through the tall grass to your left is TM09 Venoshock. To the east of the TM, hidden in the tall grass along one of the paths, is a trainer. North of him is a Paralyze Heal in a clearing. Southwest of all of this you'll find the ledge leading back to the main road of Route 6.

Youngster Jacob
  • Croagunk, level 11
  • Beedrill, level 13
Reward: 312 P

That's all for Route 6. Phew. Time to check out Parfum Palace.

Return Trip - Camphrier Town

Revisit Shabboneau Castle after defeating the Champion and upgrading the Mega Ring. On the second floor of the Castle, assuming you visit between 8 and 9 PM, you'll find Mawilite beside the northern archway.