Part 8: Camphrier Town and Route 6

Main Walkthrough

Once you're done mucking about on the three sections of Route 6 you can head north to Parfum Palace. A sprawling, palatial setting fit for a monarch, Parfum Palace has no trainers to battle and Pokémon you can't currently catch, so all you can really do is poke around and look for items. Enjoy the break.

Talk to the first person on the path towards Parfum Palace for an Oran Berry. Southeast of her you'll find a Photo Spot where you can pose for shots in front of Parfum Palace, and northwest of her, tucked up against the surrounding wall of Parfum Palace, is an Ether. 

Approach the butler in front of the palace to enter. If you want in you'll have to pay 1,000 P. Steep, but it's the only way forward. Once inside you'll see the owner of the palace, who is desperately looking for his missing Furfrou. Shauna will decide that you need to track the pup down for the man.

Head to the west wing of Parfum Palace. There's plenty of sightseeing to do throughout the Palace, but the only item you can find is an Amulet Coin in the first room from the stairs on the second floor. Ultimately you'll need to head through the door north of the entrance on the first floor to reach the courtyard.

The courtyard consists of a series of hedge mazes, and you'll find the Furfrou inside. First, though, you should explore the hedge mazes and pick up some items.
  • Check out the hedge maze to your left when you leave the bridge. Inside you'll find HM01 Cut and a Super Potion. Equipping Cut on a Pokémon will allow you to slice down the bushes that occasionally bar your path. In the middle of this hedge maze are two square-shaped clearings, and in the middle of the bottom-left square is a hidden X Sp. Atk.
  • Walk east to the next hedge maze over. Here you'll find an Antidote.
  • There are several shrubs in the northeast maze. Check the single shrub on the left side for a Pretty Wing. If you check the line of bushes that form the eastern periphery of the courtyard, beside the northeast hedge maze, you'll find a Revive tucked between two bushes.
  • Run to the northwest corner of the courtyard. Behind the large Poké Ball statue is a Guard Spec.
  • In the center of the courtyard is a large pool. Check the north end of the pool for a Rare Candy

You'll find the Furfrou in the northwest hedge maze. Now you need to catch it, and you need Shauna's help to do it. Start by placing Shauna at the bottom-middle intersection, where the chase began. Follow the Furfrou north by approaching it from the left or right, depending on where it is. Retrieve Shauna and reposition her at one of the middle intersections, left or right. Approach the Furfrou from the opposite direction. This will allow you to corner and catch it, and the owner will tell you to head up to the balcony to celebrate.

Leave the courtyard and go back inside. Follow the owner of the Furfrou up to the second floor balcony and watch the colorful cut scene that follows. When it's done you'll receive the Poke Flute you need to get through Route 7, as well as TM17 Protect.

Route 7: Riviére Walk Pokémon

  • Croagunk - Common, Tall Grass / Flowers
  • Ducklett - Rare, Tall Grass / Flowers
  • Flabébé - Common in Flowers, Rare in Tall Grass
  • Hoppip (Horde) - Common
  • Illumise - Rare, Tall Grass / Flowers
  • Psyduck (Horde) - Uncommon
  • Roselia - Rare, Tall Grass / Flowers
  • Roselia (Horde) - Rare
  • Smeargle - Rare, Tall Grass / Flowers
  • Spritzee - Rare, Tall Grass / Flowers - Pokémon Y only
  • Swirlix - Rare, Tall Grass / Flowers - Pokémon X only
  • Volbeat - Rare, Tall Grass / Flowers

Make your way back to Route 7, stopping over in Camphrier Town to heal and get some Great Balls. When you approach the Snorlax you'll use the Poké Flute to wake the beast, prompting it to attack. They're not exactly common, so you should whittle down its health and use Great Balls to catch it for your collection. Whether you defeat the Snorlax or not the path through Route 7 will now be free of obstruction.

North of the bridge you'll find a Heal Ball down a narrow path beside the water. Carry on over the bridge and you'll hit a cut scene regarding the Pokémon Day Care, which just happens to be on the side of the road. You can leave up to two Pokémon behind at the Day Care, and as you travel they will accumulate experience. Depending on the Pokémon you leave behind they may also create an Egg that you can walk around to hatch a fresh, level one Pokémon for your party.

Head west of the Day Care, past the fields of grass. Eventually you'll find a trainer working on a canvas. Check through the flowers to the southwest of the trainer for an X Sp. Def.

Artist Georgia
  • Smeargle, level 16
Reward: 896 P

Continue down the path and you'll find a pair of trainers.

Artist Family Mona & Paolo
  • Smeargle, level 16
  • Smeargle, level 16
Reward: 1,792 P

Along the way to the west, you'll come across the Battle Chateau. The members of the Chateau will bestow you with a rank of nobility, and thereafter you can enter the Chateau and fight other trainers. The Chateau is a great place to build up your wallet throughout Pokémon X and Y, and as you increase your rank you'll run into stronger trainers with more and more cash to claim.

Past the Chateau you'll see another trainer artist investigating the landscape.

Artist Pierre
  • Smeargle, level 16
Reward: 896 P

Make your way to the end of the Route. Once there, Calem / Serena will propose a double battle against Tierno and Trevor.

Pokémon Trainer Tierno and Pokémon Trainer Trevor
  • Corphish, level 16 (Tierno)
  • Pikachu, level 14 (Trevor)
  • Flabebe, level 14 (Trevor)
Reward: 3,000 P

This battle isn't hard so long as you target the Pikachu first. It's really annoying thanks to Static, and needs to go before your partner does something dumb... like attack it with a physical strike. Other than that, fighting Tierno and Trevor is straightforward.

Check the flowers just south of your group of rivals for a PP Up, then head up the stairs. There's a Photo Spot up here, stationed beside a cave. This is Connecting Cave, and serves as a shortcut to Cyllage City. It's a dead end for the moment, though if you want a Zubat you can step inside and catch one.

Continue south from Connecting Cave to find a patch of grass beside some stairs. At the west end of it is a clearing with a Persim Berry tree. Just south of the tree is a Tiny Mushroom. Backtrack to the stairs and you'll find a tree you can Cut down. Behind it you'll find a Silver Powder. At the end of the main path, to the west, you'll find another entrance to Connecting Cave. Your next destination is on the other side.

Return Trip

If you come back to Route 7 after defeating the Champion you'll find the Snorlax back on the bridge. You don't need the Poké Flute again to awaken and fight it, fortunately. This will only happen if you did not previously capture the Snorlax.

Part 10: Route 8 and Ambrette Town

Main Walkthrough