Part 5: Route 4

Main Walkthrough

Welcome to the big city! Lumiose City is the largest populated location in Pokémon X and Y, and there are a ton of things to see and do. You can't access the entirety of the city yet, thanks to a power outage, but there's still plenty of sightseeing to be done before you move on to your next destination.

First, though, you want to visit Professor Sycamore. The Sycamore Pokémon Lab is located to the west of the entrance to Lumiose City. Pop into the lab, jump in the elevator, and hop off on the second floor of the lab. The woman to your right when you exit the elevator will give you five Luxury Balls.

Head to the third floor next. Professor Sycamore will greet you and run off. Speak to the Scientist on your right to receive TM54 False Swipe, then follow Sycamore into the next room. After some banter the professor will challenge you to a Pokémon battle.

Pokémon Professor Sycamore
  • Bulbasaur, level 10
  • Squirtle, level 10
  • Charmander, level 10
Reward: 1,400 P

This battle really isn't that difficult. Stick to elemental weaknesses on each Pokémon: Fire and Flying for Bulbasaur, Grass for Squirtle, and Water for Charmander. Normal attacks will do them in just as easily if you can't exploit their weaknesses.

After beating Sycamore you'll have the choice of one of the three Pokémon you just beat up. All are good, so choose based on holes in your elemental offense. He'll also give you a Mega Stone corresponding to your Pokémon, and if you choose Charmander you'll get either Charizardite X or Y, depending on your version of the game. You'll ultimately use these stones to transform your Pokémon into its Mega-Evolved form, though you'll need to do more exploring before you unlock this ability.

Go back downstairs and watch the cut scenes, then follow Calem / Serena to the nearby Café Soliel, west of the Pokémon Lab and on your right. Here you'll be introduced to Lysandre, the CEO of Lysandre Labs, and Diantha, a movie star. They're both important characters that you'll see several times over the course of the game. Watch the cut scene that follows and you'll be free to explore the half of Lumiose City that's currently accessible. We'll start with South Boulevard, the street you're already on.

South Boulevard

We'll start on the far west end of South Boulevard and make our way southeast. Proceed west until you're forced to turn back by electrical workers.
  • Near the end of South Boulevard and on the left side is a café for photography enthusiasts. This will unlock Photo Spots throughout Kalos for your use.
  • Across from the photography café is another building. A girl in the lobby will give you a Quick Claw, while the computer workers on the second floor will hand over three Timer Balls and three Quick Balls.
  • Across the street from the gateway to Route 5 is a Beauty Salon. You can get your hair trimmed and colored here, for the hefty sum of 1,500 P apiece (or 3,000 P for the full treatment). Fun, but probably not worth your money at this point in the game.
  • Near Sycamore's lab is a Pokémon Center. Inside is a guy who will trade you prizes for Poké Miles, accumulated via trading and interacting with other people playing Pokémon X or Y.
  • Across from the Pokémon Center is the PR Video Studio. It's largely an aesthetic location where you can create a PR video for your trainer. Have fun. The punkish girl inside will give you a Lens Case.
  • Across the street and to the right of the Route 4 gate is the Restaurant Le Nah. Inside you can engage in three Double Battles for 3,000 P. Each of these battles is timed, and you're told to try to finish within a certain amount of turns (almost always two). Do so three times in a row and you'll receive Tiny Mushrooms, based on how well you followed instructions. The better you did, the more Tiny Mushrooms you'll receive. An expensive venture, considering when you first arrive here, but you can sell the Tiny Mushrooms to make your money back and then some.
The street ends next to Restaurant Le Nah. There are a few buildings we skipped along the way, though there are no more items to collect inside them. Head back to the Pokémon Lab to check out the rest of Lumiose City.

Vernal Avenue

You can find Vernal Avenue across from the Pokémon Lab. Mind that you can't go all the way down the avenue, again because of the blackout.
  • On the right side of Vernal Avenue you'll find the Boutique Couture, a clothing store. You're not 'stylish' enough to shop here yet, and will be kicked out. Come back much later in the game.
  • On the left side of Vernal Avenue you'll find a Stone Emporium. Here you can buy evolutionary stones for your Pokémon. This place is very handy for completing your Pokédex, and useful now if you've been training a Panpour, a Pansage, and/or a Pansear. A man here will also sell you a Mega Stone for the rather ridiculous sum of 1,000,000 P. You will not have enough money to buy it now, so come back here later.
  • Next to the Stone Emporium is a shop that sells herbal medicines for your Pokémon. They're useful, but they'll make your Pokémon dislike you with repeated use.
  • Last on Vernal Avenue is a Pokémon Salon. You need a Furfrou to make use of it, and you won't have one. (Yet.) Once you do have a Furfrou you can use this Salon to restyle its fur.
Aaaaand that's that. The rest of Lumiose City is, for now, closed. Time to head to Route 5, near the Pokémon Lab on Southern Boulevard.

Return Trip
  • Make a return trip to the Pokémon Lab after defeating the Champion. A Scientist on the second floor will give you the Poké Radar. You can use the Radar to make tall grass shake, bringing wild Pokémon out to challenge you.
  • Head to the cafe where you first met Diantha. It's the red one, down the street from the Pokémon Lab. The Champion is back inside, and she'll trade you a Ralts for any of your Pokémon. The Ralts is carrying Gardevoirite.
  • Return to the clothing store on Vernal Avenue after thrashing the Champion and you'll gain admittance. Inside are two floors, one for girls and one for guys. The clothing costs a lot of money, but by this point in the game you should have cash to spare.

Part 7: Route 5

Main Walkthrough