Main Walkthrough

Route 4: Parterre Way Pokémon
  • Budew - Rare, Flowers
  • Combee - Common, Flowers
  • Flabébé - Red Common in Red Flowers, Orange Common in Yellow Flowers, otherwise Rare
  • Ledyba - Common (Yellow Flowers) / Rare (Yellow Flowers)
  • Ralts - Rare, Yellow Flowers
  • Skitty - Rare, Yellow Flowers
Once you've complete the Santalune City Gym and collected your first Badge you'll gain access to Route 4. The entrance is found in the northwest of Santalune City, and Alexa, the woman who'd barred your path previously, will let you by now that you have the Badge. She'll even give you an Exp. Share to mark the occasion. While this item is active every Pokémon in your party will gain experience when you successfully complete a battle.

(Be warned. Leaving the Exp. Share turned on makes Pokémon X and Y reeeeeally easy in the long run. If you want a challenge you should go into your Bag and turn the Exp. Share off.)

Route 4 consists of a single, northbound path that leads straight to Lumiose City, your next major destination. If you want you can skip the entire Route and head directly to Lumiose City. That does not fit with the spirit of a walkthrough, however, so we'll have a look at the hedge mazes on the sides of the Route first. Along the way you'll run into yellow and red flower patches, both of which contain wild Pokémon.

In three places throughout Route 4 you'll come across Honey. When used in a patch of grass or flowers Honey will trigger a wild Pokémon battle. These items will occasionally regenerate, allowing you to return to Route 4 and collect more Honey.

Start your exploration of the Route with the hedge maze to the right of the entrance. The paths will lead you to a Super Potion, and if you keep searching it to the north you'll find a Great Ball. There's a Repel sitting in plain sight near the entrance of the hedge maze to the left, and on the far left side of the hedge maze, sitting at a dead end that's just north of a patch of yellow flowers, you'll find a hidden Honey. In the northern section of this hedge maze you'll find an Antidote and a trainer.

Gardener Wheaton
  • Corphish, level 10
Reward: 640 P

Move north to the fountain. There are two skaters circling the fountain, and they're prepared to fight.

Roller Skater Calida
  • Fletchling, level 10
Reward: 320 P

Roller Skater Roland
  • Pidgey, level 10
Reward: 320 P

North of the fountain there's a line of three bushes. Check the northernmost one for Honey. On the right side of the path is another trainer, and there are two more on either of the northbound paths. You can also slip into the flower-filled area in the middle to find a Poison Barb, as well as challenge yet another trainer.

Poke Fan Agnes
  • Burmy, level 7
  • Burmy, level 7
  • Burmy, level 7
Reward: 570 P

Preschooler Adrien
  • Magikarp, level 9
Reward: 144 P

Preschooler Mia
  • Budew, level 9
Reward: 144 P

Poké Fan Gabe
  • Pichu, level 7
  • Pikachu, level 9
Reward: 720 P

If you go through the top-left hedge maze you'll find a trainer and a Net Ball. You can also get the Ball by going through the flowers instead and skipping the trainer, if you wish. Also in here is some Honey, hidden on the last space in the small dead-end near the south end of the maze.

Gardener Grover
  • Corphish, level 10
Reward: 640 P

If you go through the top-right hedge maze you'll find another trainer and an Ether. You can again skip him by going through the flowers. In the north of this maze you'll find a Super Potion, hidden on the left side of a three-way dead end.

Gardener Fabien
  • Corphish, level 10
Reward: 640 P

Done checking out the gardens? Approach Sina and Dexio, the two students in the north. They're disciples of Professor Sycamore, the resident Pokémon expert, and they're rather pushy about leading you straight to him. Sycamore appeared when you began the game, so he's probably worth a visit. They'll give you TM27 Return as you leave Route 4 and head into Lumiose City.