Part 8: Virbank Gym

Main Walkthrough

As soon as you get off the boat, Hugh will give you Xtransceiver number and run off to hunt Team Plasma. So impulsive. You needn't be in such a hurry, however - there's lots to see and do in Castelia City before you begin a manhunt in the name of Poké-Justice.

Start to the south of the boat. On the opposite side of the dock is a Heart Scale. Go north from here and you'll be stopped by a harlequin (clown) who announces the Castelia Harlequin Hunt, offering a prize to anyone who can find the three harlequins spread through the city. He'll give you a Bicycle to aid in the search. A rather ridiculous gift for a newcomer, but the Bicycle will speed up your travels significantly. Return to the Harlequin after finding his three comrades and he'll give you a Rare Candy.

Battle Company

Start by entering the building to the harlequin's left. This is the Battle Company, where you can duke it out with trainers who should be working. An old man in the lobby will give you an Exp. Share, which is great for weak Pokémon you want to raise, then go upstairs. 

Before following him, talk to the blue-haired girl to your right. She'll ask which starter you chose and give you a move-boosting item that corresponds to its type, either a Miracle Seed (Snivy), a Charcoal (Tepig) or a Mystic Water (Oshawatt). You don't have to answer honestly here if you want a different item, and since you're going to get one shortly you don't really need the Charcoal. Talk to the Harlequin as part of the contest, then use the elevator to go to the 47th floor.

Battle Company - 47th Floor

There are trainers to battle here. The first is to your left when you come in.

Clerk Clemens
  • Growlithe, level 16
Reward: 640 P, Quick Balls

The second will approach you from the right, from behind a wall.

Clerk Gilligan
  • Pidove, level 17
Reward: 1,360 P

The third is beside the wall, staring at the elevator.

Clerk Warren
  • Marill, level 16
Reward: 640 P, Timer Balls

And the fourth is in the bottom-left corner of the office.

Clerk Britney
  • Budew, level 16
Reward: 640 P

Beside Britney is a Guard Spec., and if you talk to the bespectacled man wandering in the southeast corner of the office you'll get a Scope Lens

Battle Company - 55th Floor

Head up to the 55th floor. Aside from the Ether near the elevator, there are only two people of note here: The old man from the lobby and a boy behind a desk. Approach them and the boy will challenge you.

School Kid Neil
  • Eevee, level 17
  • Herdier, level 17
Reward: 340 P

These Pokémon are tougher than others in the building, but still relative pushovers if you could come this far. A Fighting-type will end this battle quickly.

With the Battle Company out of the way you'll face the daunting task of exploring Castelia City. We'll check it out street-by-street, starting with the piers in the south and making our way north.

Liberty Pier
  • The ship on Liberty Pier will take you to Liberty Garden. This area enabled Black and White players to acquire the mythical Pokémon Victini if they had a special pass. If you bring Victini over from Black or White and visit Liberty Garden with the Pokémon in your party you'll see a few special scenes. Otherwise this spot is a bit pointless.
  • As you head north from Liberty Pier you'll find the Passerby Analytics HQ. Speak to the boss and he'll make you a statistician, and your job is to send surveys to other players - and answer their surveys - via the game's C-Gear. Given the extremely poor odds that you'll ever run into anyone playing this game in your vicinity, with their C-Gear active, you can probably skip the online portion of this place. The blonde statistician will ask you a bunch of questions, and if you answer them all she'll give you a Soda Pop. You can also receive a Poké Ball for speaking to the statistician in the top-right corner. Make sure you speak to the Harlequin by the entrance before you leave.
  • Head north to the next section of the street. Castelia's Pokémon Gym is on your right. You can't get in right now, but approach Clyde anyway. Iris, a familiar face from Black and White, will run up and run off again. She's off to the Pokémon Center. We'll catch up with her in a bit.
  • Across the street from the Pokémon Gym and further north is another building. A woman in the lobby will massage one of your Pokémon once per day, making it more friendly. The bald man here is the Name Rater, and will let you know what he thinks of the names of your Pokémon - and allow you to change their names. The woman by the name is the Feeling Rater, and she'll allow you to play a minigame to earn Sweet Hearts if another player is nearby. 
  • A Harlequin is on the second floor of the building we just discussed. This is the Medal Office, and you can learn more about the Medal system here. The third floor details Game Sync and entering the dreams of Pokémon, a system we'll discuss elsewhere.
At the end of the street is Castelia Plaza. The four pathways through Castelia City all meet up here. We'll discuss it once we're done with the other three streets.

Narrow Street

Next to Liberty Pier is Narrow Street. We'll start with Unity Pier.
  • There's a woman wandering Unity Pier. Speak to her and she'll give you a Destiny Knot.
  • Also on Liberty Pier is a yacht that will take you to Unity Tower, though in order to do so you need to have made an international trade. There are ways around this to access the tower, though with Pokémon Black 2 and White 2's servers down there's very little to see in Unity Tower.
  • As you walk down the alleyway a man with glasses will start to shout about something. He'll then give you TM70 Flash.
  • Across from the man in the sunglasses is the Café Sonata. Speak to the barista and he'll give you a Moomoo Milk.
Mode Street

Just north of Prime Pier, where you started out in Castelia City, is Mode Street.
  • On the right side of the street is Studio Castelia, a small art gallery. The businessman in the top-right corner of the gallery will ask you to show him a particular type of Pokémon, and the type will change each day. Show him the type he wants to see and he'll give you a Berry of your choosing. 
  • On the left side of the street is a vendor that sells Casteliacones. You can buy up to twelve cones a day. They're not popular now, but will gain in popularity immensely once you've completed the game.

Castelia Street
  • The pier near Castelia Street is the berth for the Royal Unova. Come here at night and you can board the Royal Unova for 1,000 P, once per day. The ship cruises around Unova, giving you a limited time to defeat the trainers inside. Defeating every trainer will earn you a prize. We'll explore the Royal Unova in another article.
  • Enter the office to the right on the northern street and go up the elevator. You'll emerge in the Game Freak offices. Snag the Revive off the floor, then talk to the men around the table at the bottom of the office to get into fights.
Game Freak Noshino
  • Clefairy, level 16
Reward: 1,280 P

Game Freak Morimoto
  • Pansage, level 14
  • Panpour, level 14
  • Pansear, level 14
Reward: 1,120 P

You can fight Noshino and Morimoto once per day. 
  • Go up the elevator in the building across the street from the Game Freak offices. The guitarist in this office will give you TM 44 Rest.

Castelia Plaza

There are a few more places to explore, and they're all in Castelia Plaza, in the north of Castelia City:
  • Head to the road north of the Plaza and enter the building on the left. The old man in the lobby will give you an Amulet Coin.
  • There are two buildings on the right side of this street. The lower building has a party in progress on the upper floor. Speak to the girl on the left side of the office for TM45 Attract.
  • Enter the other building on the right. There's a Scientist in the lobby who will give you Eviolite if you've encountered at least 40 different types of Pokémon. Go up the elevator and you'll find a Charcoal in the office at the top.
  • Enter the security gate separating Castelia City and Route 4. Bianca will wander up and give you the Dowsing Machine. This will allow you to track down hidden items when activated.
You're almost done. There is no fifth street through Castelia, though if you look to the east along the southern road you'll find one more dock, Thumb Pier, and the exit to Route 3. Thumb Pier is your next story destination, and Iris will guide you there. Check out the guard station before you follow her and you can find a Quick Claw, held by one of the NPCs inside. You can't leave Castelia City by this route - yet - so it's off to the Castelia Sewers with you.

Return Trip

If you return to the Game Freak offices once you've become the League Champion you'll find that the two trainers (programmers?) have received a significant buff in their levels, making them some of the most powerful opponents in the game. Enjoy!

Game Freak Morimoto
  • Liepard, level 76
  • Simipour, level 76
  • Simisear, level 76
  • Simisage, level 76
  • Swoobat, level 76
  • Zebstrika, level 78
Reward: 6,240 P

Game Freak Nishino
  • Clefable, level 76
  • Azumarill, level 76
  • Lickilicky, level 76
  • Wigglytuff, level 76
  • Alomomola, level 76
  • Snorlax, level 78
Reward: 6,240 P