Part 7: Virbank City and Virbank Complex

Main Walkthrough

Ahh, your second gym. It seems like only yesterday that you were conquering your first gym. (And it probably was. If that. How long are days in the Pokémon world? Who knows.) The Virbank Gym is in the south of Virbank City; once you've stocked up on Antidotes and other healing amenities, wander in and give it a look.

Clyde will give you a Fresh Water on your way into the gym, which turns out to be a music venue. Roxie's busy on the stage, and she won't be ready to fight until you trounce her two backup musicians in battle.

Roughneck Nicky
  • Grimer, level 14
  • Koffing, level 14
Reward: 336 P

Guitarist Billy Jo
  • Venipede, level 14
  • Koffing, level 14
Reward: 448 P

Neither trainer is exceptionally dangerous, though they both carry the risk of poisoning your Pokémon. This will probably happen when fighting Roxie, but get rid of the status before you get into a fight. (If you have trouble beating these two, Roxie will wipe the floor with you. Go train at the Complex with Audinos, and consider getting a Magnemite. Their Steel-type status will render them invulnerable to all Poison-type attacks.)

With her two trainers out of the way, Roxie will be ready to smack you down.

Leader Roxie
  • Koffing, level 16
  • Whirlipede, level 18
Reward: 2,160 P

Roxie isn't that difficult to beat so long as your Pokémon aren't vulnerable to Poison-type attacks - which means a Grass-type Pokémon, possibly your starter, will have a lot of trouble in here. Koffing is pretty standard fare, but Whirlipede manages to change things up a bit with Venoshock, a power attack that can badly damage unprepared Pokémon, and do double damage to Pokémon that are already poisoned. Again, if you have access to a Steel-type, you'll wipe the floor with Roxie. Otherwise, whittle away at her HP and heal poison status when necessary. You'll be surprised how quickly poison can eat away at your Pokemon's HP, and a surprise Venoshock attack will demolish anything you've got.

Once you beat Roxie you'll earn her badge, the Toxic Badge, and TM09 Venoshock. Not bad for three minutes' work.

After beating Roxie, you'll be summoned to Pokéstar Studios by one of the studio's representatives. Head to the studio through the tunnel to the right of the Pokémon Center in Virbank City. You'll meet the studio's head, Stu Deeoh, and be guided through your first film. The process is very straightforward, and you only need to go as far as creating a movie before you can leave and proceed with your journey. (Pokéstar Studios will be further addressed in later walkthroughs, as there are no items to get there at the moment.)

Once you've escaped the allure of show biz, head for the docks. You'll find Roxie and Hugh squaring off against a platoon of Team Plasma goons. They'll express their desire to take you down. Talk to the Grunt immediately in front of you to spark a fight.

Team Plasma Grunt
  • Patrat, level 14
Reward: 560 P

After (probably easily) trouncing the Grunt, the lot of them will flee. Roxie will thank you by handing over HM01 Cut, which you can teach to your Pokémon to Cut down trees. She'll then rush off to Route 20 to track down Team Plasma. Give chase.

Proceed along Route 20 until you see Hugh on a bridge. Go south from where he's standing and you'll see the next Grunt beside a ledge.

Team Plasma Grunt
  • Purrloin, level 14
Reward: 560 P

The Grunt will mention the ocean before running off, and Hugh will conclude that you should find someone who knows how to navigate a ship. Return to Virbank City and head for the port. You'll find Roxie, who's reconciling with her father, and inside the port office you'll find Hugh. Talk to him to set course for your next destination: Castelia City.