Part 29: Route 7

Main Walkthrough

Celestial Tower Pokémon
  • Elgyem - Uncommon, Walking, All Seasons
  • Golbat - Uncommon, Walking, All Seasons
  • Litwick - Common, Walking, All Seasons
Celestial Tower is entirely optional. There's no need to visit if you're in a hurry. You should, however, at least pay a visit to the bottom floor. Professor Juniper will be here, and if you talk to her she'll hand over a valuable and rare Lucky Egg. Lucky Eggs are among the best items in any Pokémon game, as they'll grant their bearers experience-and-a-half after a successful battle. Combine this with Audino combat on one of the Routes for massive experience boosts.

Though the Lucky Egg is probably the most important reason to visit Celestial Tower, there's still plenty more to see if you ascend. Prep your best Dark-type Pokémon and prepare for a lot of ghostly encounters on the way to the top.

Second Floor

Once you reach the second floor of Celestial Tower you'll start running into ghostly wild Pokémon, so be prepared. You'll also find a bunch of oddball trainers sitting amid the gravestones, the first of which is near the entrance stairs.

Psychic Joyce
  • Musharna, level 36
Reward: 1,152 P

To the left of the Psychic is a Hyper Potion on the floor. Grab it and head back to the east to find another item ball watched over by a trainer. It contains TM61 Will-O-Wisp.

School Kid Alberta
  • Litwick, level 35
Reward: 700 P

If you approach the exit stairs from the east you'll run into another trainer.

Pokéfan Jude
  • Clefairy, level 35
Reward: 2,240 P

That's all for this floor. Head up the stairs.

Third Floor

You'll emerge in the north of the third floor. To your left and right are trainers, and you'll have to face at least the woman to proceed.

Pokéfan Georgia
  • Cubchoo, level 36
Reward: 2,240 P

Psychic Bryce
  • Elgyem, level 35
  • Duosion, level 35
Reward: 1,120 P

Walking along the path just to the south of the woman is another trainer.

Psychic Micki
  • Espeon, level 36
Reward: 1,152 P

To the left of this Psychic is a Revive. Grab it and proceed south through the gravestones. To the right of the stairs is a trainer whom you'll find to be a welcome sight, as she's a nurse who will heal your Pokémon - if you can beat her.

Nurse Dixie
  • Leavanny, level 35
Reward: 1,400 P

Another floor down. Heal your team and proceed upstairs.

Fourth Floor

To your west when you emerge is a trainer waiting to take you on. She has a ton of money, so don't fail to challenge her.

Socialite Grace
  • Roselia, level 35
Reward: 7,000 P

Just to the north is a PP Up. Grab it, then head east. As you try to pass the old man he'll turn to face you, forcing a battle (and another opportunity to gouge the rich for their cash).

Gentleman Daniel
  • Umbreon, level 35
Reward: 7,000 P

Further east of here is a Psychic watching over an item ball containing TM65 Shadow Claw. This particular move is fantastic for battling two of the four members of the Elite Four, and shouldn't be missed. 

Psychic Sarah
  • Yamask, level 35
  • Gothorita, level 35
Reward: 1,120 P

Head for the stairs once you've defeated the Psychic and claimed your prize.


There's not much to see on the roof at this point (though there will be more in the future, after you beat the main game). For now, content yourself by pulling out your Dowsing Machine and checking the left side of the raised stage bearing the bell. Hidden on the ground is a Ghost Gem.

That's all for the psychically-charged Celestial Tower. If you haven't gone ahead with it already, now's your chance to take on Skyla, leader of the Mistralton Gym. Either Fly off of the top of the Celestial Tower or make the long trek back down the stairs.

Return Trip

After you make a trip to the Cave of Being on Route 20 - and beat the game - you'll send three legendary Pokémon throughout Unova. One of them, Mesprit, will be waiting for you at the top of Celestial Tower.