Part 30: Celestial Tower

Main Walkthrough

Whether you went there immediately or decided to explore first, you'll eventually have to check out Mistralton Gym, home of Unova's finest Flying-type pokémon trainers. Chargestone Cave is a great place to pick up some anti-Flying Pokémon, so if you're lacking a solid Electric-type Pokémon or attack (or possibly a Rock- or Ice-type) consider checking out Chargestone one more time.

A hangar on the outside, the current incarnation of Mistralton Gym is more like a giant wind machine when you step inside. A powerful breeze will knock Clyde into you, forcing you to take a Fresh Water, and the wind will haunt you the rest of the way through the gym. How fun. The gales pick up every five seconds or so, and you'll have to be pressed up against a wall, or in hiding, to avoid being swept back to the beginning.

Run out from behind the cover at the entrance and head east. Get behind the small barrier here and wait out the wind, then run around the front and take on the trainer.

Pilot Flynn
  • Swoobat, level 37
Reward: 2,220 P

Step to the pilot's right and wait for the wind to pick up. As soon as it dies down, sprint north and take shelter. Move to the left, wait for the wind to gust and die down, then rush south and west into another enclosure. Do this again to reach the west end of the room. Just below you is a trainer. Don't worry about being careful, as the wall behind you will keep you safe.

Pilot Winslow
  • Sigilyph, level 37
Reward: 2,220 P

Wait for a strong gust of wind, then run north. You should have just enough time to hit an enclosure. The next trainer is to the north. Aim carefully so you aren't blown back.

Pilot Elron
  • Archen, level 36
  • Unfezant, level 36
Reward: 2,160 P

The next series of walkways looks precarious, but you can get through them swiftly and safely enough so long as you keep running. Don't try to walk! You'll never make it to the next trainer!

Pilot Ewing
  • Unfezant, level 37
Reward: 2,220 P

Head east to find another small enclosure. Just to the north of it is the last gym trainer. You may not notice it at first, but there's a small ledge beside him that will allow you to face him. Get him over with now.

Pilot Chase
  • Ducklett, level 36
  • Swoobat, level 36
Reward: 2,160 P

After beating this pilot you face a series of thin paths leading back east. One connects to the far path to the gym leader; the other two don't. Realistically, however, it makes no difference which you go down, so long as you get to the end of them. You'll be swept into a wall and have access to the final road regardless. Once the wind has died down, dash forward to face off against Skyla.

Leader Skyla
  • Swoobat, level 37
  • Skarmory, level 37
  • Swanna, level 39
Reward: 4,680 P

Skyla's Pokémon can be surprisingly troublesome thanks to Swoobat's Attract move. Try to either deploy male Pokémon to take it on, or bring it down in one hit. Beyond that, the same rules for beating the other trainers in this gym apply: Attack their weaknesses. Skarmory is more defensive than offensive, giving you some space to attack, and Swanna is brought low very easily by Electric-type attacks. Ice-type attacks are surprisingly ineffective in this fight, save against Swoobat, so expect a prolonged battle if you've been relying on a deep chill for the rest of this gym.

Beating Skyla will earn you the Jet Badge. You'll also gain TM62 Acrobatics, a great move if you're not worried about your Pokémon holding any items. 

After you've received your winnings, Skyla will wonder about Professor Juniper's absence. Go back outside and the professor will pop up and reveal that she's headed to Lentimas Town, via Skyla's delivery service. Head to the airport and talk to Skyla again to head to a new region by plane, joined at the last second by Bianca.

Part 32: Lentimas Town

Main Walkthrough