Part 19: Driftveil City

Main Walkthrough

Driftveil City may seem like an upscale place on the surface, but under the glamour is a nitty-gritty gym full of powerful trainers who would just love to humble your team. Make sure you bring a Grass-, Water- or Ice-type Pokémon along to this place. Electric- and Fire-types need not apply.

In a fairly dramatic departure from the gym in Pokémon Black and White, the current Driftveil Gym is a maze of darkened platforms. You have no idea what you're going to find on a particular platform until you step onto it, a setup that can prove particularly painful if your team is suffering and you need to flee. Be sure to grab the Fresh Water from Clyde before entering.

Because the Driftveil Gym's layout can be so confusing in the dark, you may want to use a map. The graphic below will help you navigate the gym.

Each white square represents a different platform. Each black line represents a conveyor between the platforms. Purple lines are underpasses that go beneath a platform, so beware - a purple path leads to two platforms away, not just one. Elevators are platforms which rise up so you can get a better lay of the land, though with a map you won't really need them. 

The red line on the map indicates the path of least resistance to Clay, the gym leader. If you want to get through Driftveil Gym in a hurry, use this path. The route gets a bit confusing near the end, so use the red numbers on the diagram to navigate the platforms.

Worker Noel
  • Baltoy, level 31
Reward: 1,240 P

Worker Tavarius
  • Drilbur, level 29
  • Baltoy, level 29
  • Sandile, level 29
Reward: 1,160 P

Worker Niel
  • Baltoy, level 30
  • Sandile, level 30
Reward: 1,200 P

Worker Friedrich
  • Sandile, level 31
Reward: 1,240 P

Worker Pasqual
  • Drilbur, level 30
  • Baltoy, level 30
Reward: 1,200 P

Worker Tibor
  • Sandile, level 30
  • Drilbur, level 30
Reward: 1,200 P

Worker Maynard
  • Drilbur, level 31
Reward: 1,240 P

Leader Clay
  • Krokorok, level 31
  • Sandslash, level 31
  • Excadrill, level 33
Reward: 3,960 P

So long as you have a Pokémon with a super effective move, Clay is a snap. His Pokémon are all relatively slow, save perhaps for Krokorok, and it's not that difficult to get in the first move if your Pokémon are in their mid-30s. The only one to really watch out for is Excadrill, as it will render Grass- and Ice-type moves far less effective, and its Rock Slide can catch Flying-type Pokémon off-guard. A powerful Fighting-type move is good for knocking out Excadrill if you don't have a Water-type move handy. (Ironically, Ground-type moves are also great for knocking out Excadrill since it's part Steel-type.)

Beating Clay will earn you the Quake Badge, your fifth badge. He'll also fork over TM78 Bulldoze, a decent enough move for Ground-type Pokémon until you get your hands on Earthquake. Not a bad haul.

Clay isn't cruel enough to make you backtrack through his gym, so he'll drop you off upstairs. Outside you'll find him talking to Hugh, and he'll lead the two of you to the Pokémon World Tournament, in the south of Driftveil City.