Part 19: Route 5

Main Walkthrough

Welcome to Driftveil City, home of the steely, grounded, and rock-hard. Before you enter the city proper, check the small gap in the blue and white flowers at the bottom-left corner of the monument on this little island for an Ultra Ball, then head across the bridge to the west. Here you'll discover that Team Plasma is currently composed of two factions, and only one is still villainous. Interesting.

On the opposite side of the bridge you'll find yourself on a city street. There's a fair bit to see in Driftveil City, so let's have a look around:
  • Enter the second building from the entrance of Driftveil City - it's a hotel - and talk to the old man near the receptionist. If you've seen at least 50 Pokémon he'll give you a Shell Bell. Enter the elevator in the lobby, then ascend to the 19th floor. There's an Axew up here with a Haban Berry in its mouth.
  • Return to the street. The hotel is part of a small, four-building cluster. Check on the right side of the buildings to find a Calcium.
  • Northeast of the aforementioned hotel, and just east of Driftveil's Pokémon Center, is another hotel. Take the elevator up to the 25th floor. A man at the top will give you a Big Root.
  • Speak to the girl up the stairs and on the left side of the Pokémon Center. She'll give you a fistful of Luxury Balls.
  • North of the Pokémon Center you'll find Driftveil Gym, the home of the Ex-Team Plasma members, a shortcut to Twist Mountain, and the path to Route 6. We'll explore all of these areas in time.
  • West of the Pokémon Center is Driftveil Market. Inside you can find a Team Plasma member who will sell you various kinds of Incense. You'll also find a woman who sells MooMoo Milk, a man who will give you an Expert Belt if you have one Pokémon over level 30, and a vendor who will sell you bitter items. Only use bitter items if you want to use Frustration on one of your Pokémon (and, frankly, it's wiser to just stick with Return). Enter this market from the west side and you'll find TM 63 Embargo among the boxes.
  • Just north of Driftveil Market is, yes, another hotel. In the lobby is a Move Tutor who will teach your Pokémon moves in exchange for Red Shards. He knows some great moves, if you can pay his fee. On the 25th floor of this hotel you'll find an old gentleman who will give you an Air Balloon.

  • Outside Driftveil Market and on the left is Charles, that heartbreaker from Route 5. He'll fight you again here. It'll either be a Triple Battle (Black 2) or a Rotation Battle (White 2). Check the side of the Driftveil Market near Charles' patrol route to find an entrance back into the Market, where you'll find TM63 Embargo.
Motorcyclist Charles
  • Tirtouga, level 26
  • Sigilyph, level 26
  • Archen, level 26
Reward: 832 P
  • There is one final hotel in the southwest of Driftveil City. There's a girl in the lobby who will ask to see a particular move, and if any of your Pokémon know it she'll give you a Heart Scale. The move she wants to see will change daily. Up the elevator and on the 23rd floor of the hotel is a waiter who will give you an Everstone.

That's enough exploration for now. Head north through Driftveil and you'll hit an intersection. To the west is your next Route, and to the east is the Driftveil Gym, which, of course, is currently closed. Gym leaders are never home. Go up the stairs in the middle of these paths instead and head east. You'll find one of the Ex-Team Plasma members talking to a man named Rood, who challenges you to a battle.

Pokémon Trainer Rood
  • Herder, level 27
  • Swoobat, level 27
Reward: 2,700 P

Rood isn't particularly challenging, though you'll only get to fight him once. Enjoy the experience.

Hugh will run up once you've won the battle. Rood invites you both into the headquarters of Ex-Team Plasma, attempt to apologize for the theft of Hugh's sister's Purrloin, and then offers you a Zorua, a Pokémon so rare that it might almost count as legendary if it had higher stats. Zorua evolves into Zoroark, a powerful Dark-type Pokémon that can make the end of this game a little too easy. You should definitely make room on your team for Zorua, whether you use it or not.

Now that you've visited Rood you have a choice to make. You can either go to the Driftveil Gym, a Ground-type gym with a lot of tough trainers, or you can head to Route 6 and explore before you take on the gym. There are some Pokémon you can catch on Route 6 that will come in handy for tackling the Gym Leader - but because there are several things on Route 6 that won't happen until you visit the gym, we'll go there second. Care for a fifth badge?

Part 20: Driftveil Gym