Part 46: Plasma Frigate

Main Walkthrough

Once you drive Team Plasma away from Seaside Cave you'll more or less have them on the ropes. There's only one more place you need to face the villains down, and that's at Giant Chasm. You can reach it via the cave entrance on the west end of Route 22, outside Humilau City.

Giant Chasm Pokémon (Interior)

  • Basculin - Common, Surfing / Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Clefairy - Uncommon, Walking, All Seasons
  • Delibird - Rare, Walking, All Seasons
  • Dewgong - Rare, Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Excadrill - Common, Dust Cloud, All Seasons
  • Lunatone - Rare, Walking, All Seasons
  • Piloswine - Uncommon, Walking, All Seasons
  • Seel - Common, Surfing, All Seasons
  • Sneasel - Uncommon, Walking, All Seasons
  • Solrock - Rare, Walking, All Seasons
  • Vanillish - Rare, Walking, All Seasons

Previously when you tried to come through Giant Chasm it was blocked by a pair of Team Plasma Grunts. They're still here, though they take off pretty quickly thanks to a mole in their organization. Thanks, Ex-Plasma guy.

Head south. There's a rock on your left that you can push into a hole with Strength. If you sail south along the river to the north of the rock you'll find TM13 Ice Beam. On the left side of the waterway is a path leading west, and there are two other pathways that will lead to the same destination, a long, descending staircase. If you go down this you'll find the cave's exit to the exterior of Giant Chasm. You want to go here... eventually.

Ignore the staircase for now and follow the southern wall to the west. You'll find another exit that will take you out to Route 13. Northeast of the entrance to Giant Chasm you'll find a Yellow Shard, as well as a short walkway. Check near the end of it for a hidden Moon Stone. South of the entrance to Giant Chasm is a path to the main section of Route 13. Check the grass on your left for a hidden Max Potion, then make your way south.

The path splits ahead, with stairs to the south and a rock on your left. Go down the stairs and check the small rock at the bottom for a Heart Scale. There's a Hyper Potion sitting near the base of the stairs. Head back up the stairs and push the rock you saw earlier with Strength. Beyond you'll find the outskirts of Lacunosa Town, where you can go to stock up on items or recuperate. Otherwise, make your way back to Giant Chasm.

Take a left from the entrance. Just north of you is a small dead end on the side of a pit where you can find a hidden Star Piece. A short trip further west the path will bend north, and there's another big rock to push. Beyond it is a Max Repel.

Continue north. You'll come across two more Team Plasma Grunts, blocking another exit. Just north of them is a tiny niche cut into the wall on your right where you'll find a hidden Ultra Ball. Pushing the next boulder near the Ultra Ball will get you to another Star Piece. Head east to another boulder and you'll find a hidden Ice Gem on the other side. Continuing down this path will bring you to a ledge beside the original entrance to Giant Chasm, where you first came in.

That's all for this segment of Giant Chasm. Make your way south and use the long stairs to descend into Giant Chasm's enormous crater, where the final battle against Team Plasma is about to begin.

Giant Crater Pokémon (Exterior)

  • Audino - Common, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Clefable - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Clefairy - Uncommon, Walking, All Seasons
  • Delibird - Rare, Walking, All Seasons
  • Ditto - Rare, Walking, All Seasons
  • Lunatone - Rare, Walking, All Seasons
  • Mamoswine - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Metagross - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Metang - Rare, Walking, All Seasons
  • Piloswine - Common, Walking, All Seasons
  • Solrock - Rare, Walking, All Seasons
The center of Giant Chasm is a sizable forest, and both factions of Team Plasma are facing off. Hugh, as usual, butts into the confrontation, and you'll have to face off against a Grunt.

Team Plasma Grunt

  • Weezing, level 47
  • Muk, level 47

Reward: 1,880 P

Defeat the Grunt and Rood will rush up to give you a handful of Max Revives. Hugh will rush off, and you'll need to give chase. Check the grass patch to the west for a Razor Claw, then check the grass to the north of the two Team Plasmas for a Moon Stone. These are the only patches of grass you can access until you drive Team Plasma out of Giant Chasm, so if you want to catch any Pokémon this is the place to do it.

Climb onto the icy heights to the right and slice your way to the entry ramp of the Plasma Frigate. Yes, you're here again, and yes, this is the last time. Climb aboard and you'll find Hugh, holding down four Grunts on his own. Good man. You already explored the north end of the Frigate during your previous visit, leaving the door on the south end. Immediately inside you'll be ambushed by two Grunts.

Team Plasma Grunt and Team Plasma Grunt

  • Scraggy, level 46
  • Scrafty, level 46
  • Whirlipede, level 46
  • Trubbish, level 46
  • Golbat, level 46
  • Garbodor, level 46
Reward: 3,680 P

Hop on the nearby teleporter. You'll wind up near another Team Plasma mole. He'll explain that the way through the Frigate is again blocked by electrical barriers, and you'll need to circumvent a maze to deactivate the barriers. How you do this depends on the version of the game you're playing.

Plasma Frigate - Black 2

To bypass the energy barrier in Black 2 you need to learn a password. Each component of the password is known by one of the members of Team Plasma. Fun times. The path splits to the left and the right, and you'll face a trainer regardless of the path you take. The Grunt on the left knows a part of the password.

Team Plasma Grunt (right)

  • Krookodile, level 47

Reward: 1,880 P

Team Plasma Grunt (left)

  • Skorupi, level 45
  • Foongus, level 45
  • Golbat, level 45

Reward: 1,800 P

The 'maze' consists of a series of platforms, connected to one another by retractable pathways. Hitting the red switches on a few of the platforms will change the configuration of the maze, opening paths along the platforms while closing others. The retractable pathways also serve as barriers, and you can climb down to the lower floor to access more trainers. Let's get through this maze one step at a time:

  • Take the right path onto the platforms and hit the button on the first platform. Take a left to find a Zinc to the north of the central platform.
  • Head to the east side of the room and go down the stairs. You'll find Team Plasma Grunt 1. Grunt 1 has a part of the password.
  • Get back onto the platforms and head south, to the other end of the room. You'll find a large section of flooring with Grunts 2 and 3, as well as Doctor Julius. Check the left side of the platform for a Max Revive and a Max Elixir.
  • Go down the right stairs near the Doctor. You'll find a path to a Power Band down on the lower level.
  • Go down the left stairs near Grunt 3. Head north along the lower level and you'll find Grunt 4. She has the Plasma Card, which you need to enter the password.
  • Return to the southern platform and get onto the pathway on the left. Trigger the first switch to open a path to the western section of the lower level. You'll face Grunts 5 and 6 down here. Both Grunts provide hints for the password.

Team Plasma Grunt (1)

  • Grimer, level 46
  • Seviper, level 46

Reward: 1,840 P

Team Plasma Grunt (2)

  • Raticate, level 47
  • Watchog, level 47

Reward: 1,880 P

Team Plasma Grunt (3)

  • Krokorok, level 47
  • Krookodile, level 47

Reward: 1,880 P

Doctor Julius

  • Leavanny, level 47

Reward: 1,880 P

Team Plasma Grunt (4)

  • Trubbish, level 46
  • Zangoose, level 46
Reward: 1,840 P

Team Plasma Grunt (5)

  • Scolipede, level 47

Reward: 1,880 P

Team Plasma Grunt (6)

  • Scrafty, level 47

Reward: 1,880 P

Though it's not a bad idea to go through the entire maze and fight every Team Plasma Grunt, you only need the Plasma Card and one of the numbers to complete this puzzle. Head back north to the start and you'll find the console where you can use the Plasma Card and enter the password. The password will be either 1101, 2202, 3303, 4404, 5505, 6606, 7707, 8808, or 9909. Whichever number you see via the hints from the Grunts will fill in the blanks.

Plasma Frigate - White 2

The maze puzzle in White 2 is quite a bit different, though it still involves a moving maze. In this case you need to activate four switches to lower the energy barrier, and they're accessible via the yellow teleportation pads on the lower level of the moving platforms. You'll need to use a combination of upper button presses and the teleportation pads to get them all:

  • Take the lower-right path from the north and get onto the moveable tubes. Cross to the south by hitting buttons. You'll find the Doctor and a few Grunts down here.
  • Go down the stairs near the Doctor and take the teleport pad on your left. It will shoot you to a section with two Grunts and two more teleport pads. Both of them will take you to buttons to press. Hit them both.
  • Backtrack to the Doctor and cross the tube platforms to the east. Activate the button that will move the tube on the floor below into a vertical configuration rather than horizontal.
  • Go down the stairs and step on the second teleport pad to the north. You'll find the third button.
  • Return to the southern platform and use the eastern tube to walk north. Hitting the button will create a path to the east side of the room, where you'll find stairs. The Grunt at the bottom of the stairs is guarding a teleport pad that leads to the final button.

Entering the password correctly - or hitting all four buttons - will lower the electrical barriers and grant you access to the core of the Plasma Frigate. Zinzolin will intercept you upon approach, so make sure you use the Doctor to heal before you stroll up to Kyurem's enclosure.

Team Plasma Zinzolin

  • Cryogonal, level 49
  • Cryogonal, level 49
  • Weavile, level 51
Reward: 9,180 P

Zinzolin is pretty much the same as before, just a bit stronger. If you have any good countermeasures from previous battles - Fire-, Steel-, and Fighting-type moves will do - you should have an easy time burning through his team.

Defeat Zinzolin (it's the last time you'll need to fight him, promise), then take a right at Kyurem and step on the teleporter. You'll find a surprise on the other end: Colress! Yep, he's a member of Team Plasma, and as ever he's itching to take you on.

Team Plasma Colress
  • Magneton, level 50
  • Beheeyem, level 50
  • Metang, level 50
  • Magnezone, level 50
  • Klinglang, level 52
Reward: 10,400 P

Colress is quite a bit more powerful than during his previous encounters, filling out his team with four Steel-type Pokémon and one Psychic-type. Steel-type moves are unsurprisingly pretty popular with this crew, and Beheeyem and Metang both have Psychic-type moves that can put the kibosh on any Fighting-types you might be using to take out the Steel-types. Klinklang is immune to Ground-type moves thanks to its held Air Balloon.

Your approach to this fight probably won't be all that different from your previous encounters with Colress. All of his Pokémon are below average when it comes to Speed, so with the right moves you can OHKO a chunk of his team with little trouble. Ground-type moves are good against three of the five combatants - though keep in mind that both Magneton and Magnezone have Sturdy, so you can't take them out in one hit - while Fighting- or Fire-type moves can handle Metang and Klinklang. Beheeyem is a different type altogether, but so long as you can outpace it (should be easy) bringing it down won't be a major issue. You can take your time with most of Colress' team, though make sure not to mess around with Klinklang - it'll use Shift Gear several times to buff itself, and once it's done you'll have a tough bringing it down.

Head back to the reactor room once you trounce Colress. The Grunt on the left will let you past, where you'll find another teleporter. This will take you to the true control room of the Plasma Frigate, where Ghetsis, the head of Team Plasma, is waiting. He'll sic the full power of his Shadow Triad on you, and you'll need to fight them all to proceed.

Team Plasma Shadow
  • Pawniard, level 49
  • Pawniard, level 49
  • Absol, level 51
Reward: 5,100 P

Team Plasma Shadow
  • Pawniard, level 49
  • Pawniard, level 49
  • Banette, level 51
Reward: 9,180 P

Team Plasma Shadow
  • Pawniard, level 49
  • Pawniard, level 49
  • Accelgor, level 51
Reward: 9,180 P

The members of the Shadow Triad are a step above the average Team Plasma Grunt, but they're still no big deal. Fighting-type and Fire-type moves will allow you to sweep their teams with little difficulty.

Once you've defeated the three ninjas they'll take off, leaving behind a grim present for Hugh. Head through the south door and you'll emerge from the rear of the Plasma Frigate. Slide your way off of the icy patch surrounding the Plasma Frigate, then head north. You'll find a small cave. Proceed to the rear of the cave...

... and you'll find Ghetsis waiting, along with Kyurem. A lot will happen, thanks in part to a surprise arrival from Pokémon Black and White, and you'll have to fight either Black Kyurem (Black 2) or White Kyurem (White 2). Despite having different moves they're both Dragon- / Ice-types, and won't go down easily... though with a full team of six Pokémon your chances of losing are pretty low, so don't sweat the battle too much. You can't catch either version of Kyurem, so don't waste your Poké Balls.

Take down Kyurem and Ghetsis' plans will be foiled... though that won't stop him from taking out his frustrations on you. Now the real battle begins.

Team Plasma Ghetsis
  • Cofagrigus, level 50
  • Seismitoad, level 50
  • Eelektross, level 50
  • Drapion, level 50
  • Toxicroak, level 50
  • Hydreigon, level 50
Reward: 9,360 P

Hoo boy. The first opponent you've faced with a full contingent of six Pokémon, Ghetsis is no pushover. His fighters cover the full gamut of strengths and weaknesses, so there's little chance one member of your team can steamroll his Pokémon. All of Ghetsis' Pokémon have powerful STAB moves that cover a variety of types, and the only major advantage you have is, in most matchups, speed. None of Ghetsis' are terribly fast.

The best you can generally do here is deploy Pokémon that can target weaknesses without taking too much damage if the enemy goes first:
  • Dark-type Pokémon will do well against Cofagrigus
  • Grass-types will slaughter Seismitoad, though watch out for Sludge Wave
  • Eelektross floats thanks to Levitate, so neutral moves are your best bet
  • Drapion and Toxicroak are both easily dispatched with Ground-types
  • Hydreigon can be handled with Ice-, Bug-, or Fighting-type moves, whichever is most readily available by the time it comes out
All of Ghetsis' Pokémon have the capacity to cause trouble, though Hydreigon is the most likely to wipe out a few members of your party before it goes down. Having a Pokémon speed-buffed before Hydreigon appears will make your life a lot easier. This is doubly true if you're using a Dragon-type to fight Hydreigon, as its Dragon Rush will swiftly wipe out fellow dragons.

Ranting and raving, Ghetsis will be carted away by his subordinates once the fight is over. Hugh will show up to confirm that everything with Team Plasma is finally over, then point you towards the final leg of the path you've been walking this whole time: Route 23, the entrance to Victory Road and the Pokémon League. First, though...

Giant Chasm Revisited

Head back to the exterior section of Giant Chasm. Now that the Plasma Frigate has been scared away the area is clear of artificial obstruction, leaving behind a large, open area with a bunch of flattened trees - and items.
  • On the east side of Giant Chasm is a PP Up. You can get around the trees blocking it by going north a bit and around the debris, then following the line of living trees south.
  • In the north is a Sun Stone. To get it you'll need to walk west, follow the cliffs north a ways, then head back east. Check the grass patch to the northwest on your way to find a Carbos.
  • In the southeast corner of Giant Chasm is a Star Piece. Wander along the tree line in the south and you can find a thin path through the trees that leads east.
  • TM03 Psyshock is sitting in the west, near Rood and two Ex-Team Plasma Grunts. Walk through the lighter green grass behind the Grunts to find the path to the TM.
  • If you check the southwest of Giant Chasm, just north of the exit from the initial cave area, you can find a Hidden Grotto. It was previously blocked by a horde of Team Plasma Grunts.
Aside from Rood filling you in on what you missed, that's pretty much it for Giant Chasm. Phew. There are plenty of Pokémon to catch in this area, but that aside your next destination is back inside the cave of Giant Chasm, and to the west. The Pokémon League awaits.

Return Trip 

Come back to Giant Chasm after you've completed Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, checked out N's Castle on Victory Road, visited Dragonspiral Tower, and collected either Zekrom or Reshiram. You'll find Kyurem in the cave where you encountered it and Ghetsis, and you can catch it for your collection. You'll receive the DNA Splicers once the battle is over, and if you caught Kyurem you can use the DNA Splicers to merge it with Zekrom / Reshiram.

Part 48: Route 23

Main Walkthrough