After eight gym badges, hundreds of trainer battles, the overthrow of Team Plasma, and a whole lot of walking, you've finally arrived at Victory Road, the last trial that separates the Pokémon League from the rest of the world. After speaking to N and receiving HM05 Waterfall you'll proceed through a badge check, and assuming you've collected all eight badges (which is mandatory to get this far) you'll be ready to take on Victory Road. Make sure you put Waterfall on one of your Pokémon, as you'll need it to get through Victory Road.

Unlike most areas in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 the Pokémon available will change as you proceed through Victory Road. We'll break down the Pokémon you'll face as we explore rather than putting them all up front.

Your first stop in Victory Road is the Pokémon Center right near the entrance. There's nothing unique inside, but this iteration of Victory Road is long and difficult enough that you should consider stocking up on the essentials: Max Potions, Full Restores, Revives, Full Heals, and some Escape Ropes. Grabbing some Ultra Balls isn't a terrible idea, either, if you want to catch Pokémon.

In addition to buying items you want to make sure that your team can use the following HM moves: Surf, Waterfall, Strength, and, if you want to save time, Cut. Flash will also come in handy if you don't want to walk around blindly in one area, though it's not mandatory.

East of the Pokémon Center is a thin, easy-to-miss pathway that zigzags into a small canyon. At the end of the path you'll find TM01 Hone Claws. Southeast of the Pokémon Center is a small, rocky maze. A short ways southeast of the entrance to the maze is a hidden Iron, and secreted in a rock partway through is a Dusk Stone. South of the Dusk Stone and down another side route is a PP Up. Proceeding all the way through the maze and over to a ledge by the Pokémon Center will earn you a Star Piece.

Important note! The path through Victory Road differs between the two games. If you're playing Black 2 you'll go north through the first area and spend a bunch of time in a cliff-based outdoor area. If you're playing White 2 the path will veer east, taking you through a small forest and rearranging the order in which you face some trainers. Ultimately the two paths will converge inside a cave before splitting again, and you can check the path you skipped earlier. You won't miss anything, you'll just fight certain trainers earlier (or later) and collect certain items earlier (or later). This guide will focus on the Black 2 path through Victory Road.

First Floor Pokémon (Indoors)
  • Azumarill - Rare, Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Banette - Common, Walking, All Seasons
  • Basculin - Common, Surfing / Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Golurk - Common, Walking, All Seasons
  • Marill - Common, Surfing / Whirlpool, All Seasons
The first stretch of Victory Road is a dimly-lit cave. It's fairly spacious, though you can't explore most of it now. Head north and you'll find two trainers, as well as a quick, easy rock-pushing puzzle. Push the rock one square left, then push it north. The path outside is in the far north.

Ace Trainer Billy
  • Golurk, level 55
  • Sigilyph, level 55
Reward: 3,300 P

Ace Trainer Jamie
  • Drifblim, level 55
  • Claydol, level 55
Reward: 3,300 P

First Floor Pokémon (Outdoors)
  • Altaria - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Audino - Common, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Basculin - Common, Surfing / Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Buizel - Common, Surfing / Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Dunsparce - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Floatzel - Rare, Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Tranquill - Common, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Unfezant - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
Back outside. Take a right from the entrance to this area and wade through the tall grass to find a Full Restore. If you continue north from the Full Restore you'll find a path down to a small patch of water, though Surfing through it takes you to the same place as walking north across the bridge. So. Don't bother with Surfing and head north instead. You'll find a trainer patrolling on the other side of the bridge.

Ace Trainer Shelly
  • Swoobat, level 55
  • Lilligant, level 55
Reward: 3,300 P

To the west you'll find large patches of grass guarded by trainers, including a Doctor. In the grass near the Doctor is a Max Repel, and south of the Doctor is an Ultra Ball guarded by Veteran Cathy. Beside the Doctor is the entrance to the next section of Victory Road.

Ace Trainer Beckett
  • Whimsicott, level 55
  • Unfezant, level 55
Reward: 3,300 P

Doctor Logan
  • Clefable, level 54
Reward: 3,240 P

Veteran Cathy
  • Sigilyph, level 55
  • Crobat, level 55
Reward: 4,400 P

Second Floor Pokémon (Indoors)
  • Azumarill - Rare, Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Basculin - Common, Surfing / Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Boldore - Common, Walking, All Seasons
  • Excadrill - Common, Dust Cloud, All Seasons
  • Marill - Common, Surfing / Whirlpool, All Seasons
  • Onix - Uncommon, Walking / Dust Cloud, All Seasons
The path inside this cave leads west. Check up the small dead end to the north to find a hidden Max Revive, then head west. There are two trainers ahead that you can fight together or individually.

Ace Trainer Shanta
  • Heatmor, level 55
  • Galvantula, level 55
Reward: 3,300 P

Ace Trainer Webster
  • Durant, level 55
  • Ferrothorn, level 55
Reward: 3,300 P

To the west you'll hit a four-way intersection, and if you move a rock into place to the north you'll create four paths that you can take. The first two are from the southern intersection, while the second two are past the rock to the north. We'll explore the southern paths first, as the northern paths take you to the end of Victory Road.


If you decide to head west at the aforementioned four-way intersection you'll find a hidden Full Restore on a rock partway down the passage. In the far west is an exit guarded by a trainer. (Note that this path does not take you to the exit of Victory Road, and in fact will send you back to the entrance.)

Veteran Abraham
  • Gigalith, level 55
  • Skarmory, level 55
Reward: 4,400 P

You're back outside once you defeat the trainer. There's a broken bridge to the south and a path down to the water in the east. Snag the Max Repel sitting nearby, then descend the steps to face off against a trainer.

Ace Trainer Pierce
  • Swanna, level 55
  • Ampharos, level 55
Reward: 3,300 P

Dip into the water at the bottom of the hill and Surf south to find more land. You'll wind up on the other side of the broken bridge. Through the woods to the south of the bridge you'll find a red-tinged grove with some unique Pokémon for you to catch.

Grove Pokémon 
  • Audino - Common, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Cottonee - Common, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Dunsparce - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Lilligant - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Petilil - Common, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Roselia - Common, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Roserade - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Whimsicott - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
Head south from the entrance and you'll find a tree you can Cut down. On the other side you'll find a Full Restore. To the southeast is another tree you can Cut which will allow you to bypass a trainer battle. Head north along the grassy path to the trainer's right to find an Ultra Ball.

Ace Trainer Chandra
  • Darmanitan, level 55
  • Tangrowth, level 55
Reward: 3,300 P

In the south of the grove you'll find a set of stairs leading back to the first area of Victory Road. Head south from the entrance and you'll find a boulder you can push with Strength. Push it west as far as you can, then nudge it one spaces south. This will line it up with a hole in the east. Create a path east for yourself, then head across the bridge you find to face a trainer.

Ace Trainer Jamie
  • Drifblim, level 55
  • Claydol, level 55
Reward: 3,300 P

The paths to the north and east are blocked, so head south of Jamie. There's another trainer roaming down here. Once you've defeated him you can head east, and if you jump off the ledge at the end of the path you'll wind up right back at the entrance of Victory Road. 

Psychic Al
  • Metang, level 54
  • Cofagrigus, level 54
Reward: 1,728 P


If you decided to head south at the intersection you'll be facing a trainer as soon as you step outside.

Backpacker Mae
  • Sawsbuck, level 54
Reward: 1,296 P

Surf east from Mae and you'll find an Escape Rope. Also near Mae is a waterfall, and you'll need to teach one of your Pokémon the Waterfall HM move to descend it. Head east once you're down in the water again to find a cave.

You'll be back in the first area of Victory Road, though down near the water. You'll need to Surf to move around. Head south through here, following the path of the water until it ends in the southwest. You'll find a pair of trainers guarding TM93 Wild Charge, and you'll need to fight them together. Going over the ledge to the east of the two Veterans will drop you onto the path to the entrance of Victory Road.

Veteran Claude and Veteran Cecile
  • Braviary, level 55 (Claude)
  • Carracosta, level 55 (Claude)
  • Mandibuzz, level 55 (Cecile)
  • Archeops, level 55 (Cecile)
Reward: 8,800 P


If you decide to go north from the boulders you'll wind up in a darkened room. If you can, use Flash to spread your field of vision. Head north and you'll find some stairs on your right. Skim north along the stairs and check the side of the rocks to find a PP Up, then go up the stairs. There's a Red Shard attached to a rock at the top.

If you go down the stairs on your right you'll come to a pond. Surf across it and you'll find a Rare Candy to the south, as well as a hidden Max Elixir to the east. Head back to the west and go north to find an exit. It'll take you to the final ascent of Victory Road. Grab the Dragon Fang on your right as you climb, then carry on towards the Pokémon League.


If you decide to go east from the moveable boulders in the north you'll come to another exit to the outdoors, as well as a patrolling trainer.

Pokémon Ranger Eddie
  • Electabuzz, level 54
  • Probopass, level 54
Reward: 3,240 P, Cherri Berry

Once you get outside you'll be at the bottom of stairs. Climb them and you'll come to a larger, grassy area with a patrolling trainer and a Max Elixir to his left.

Black Belt Martell
  • Pinsir, level 54
  • Heracross, level 54
Reward: 1,728 P

Head up another set of stairs and the path will split. Walk west and you'll find a dead end with a hidden Normal Gem attached to a rock. Head back east and continue climbing to run into another trainer. Past her the path will join up with the one through the darkened room, and you'll be on your way to the end of Victory Road.

 Ace Trainer Caroll
  • Fraxure, level 55
  • Vanilluxe, level 55
Reward: 3,300 P 

Final Ascent Pokémon (Outdoors)
  • Audino - Common, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Gurdurr - Common, Tall Grass, All Seasons
  • Sawk - Rare, Rustling Grass, All Seasons
  • Throh - Uncommon, Tall Grass, All Seasons
Regardless of how you got here, you're now standing at the base of the stairs leading out of Victory Road, and a trainer is waiting to intercept you. Before you challenge her, head west. You'll find stairs leading south, back down the mountain, and a trainer will take you on partway down.

Battle Girl Chalina
  • Throh, level 54
  • Sawk, level 54
Reward: 1,728 P

Down the next set of stairs from Chalina and on your right is a dead end with a hidden Rare Candy, stored in a rock. Continue the descent to find a Max Revive and another trainer. Down one final flight of stairs from the trainer is a cave entrance, and another trainer patrols within. East of her you'll wind up back at the intersection from earlier, and can push a rock into place to create a quicker path through Victory Road.

Ace Trainer Elmer
  • Zweilous, level 55
  • Eelektross, level 55
Reward: 3,300 P

Pokémon Ranger Elle
  • Magmar, level 54
  • Camerupt, level 54
Reward: 3,240 P, Rawst Berry

Third Floor Pokémon (Indoors)
  • Druddigon - Common, Walking, All Seasons
  • Excadrill - Common, Dust Cloud, All Seasons
  • Onix - Uncommon, Dust Cloud, All Seasons
  • Zweilous - Uncommon, Walking, All Seasons
Time for the stairs? Not yet. First, head down the smaller stairs just south of the larger set. To the right along this path you'll find a cave. Inside are more stairs, to the north and the west. Go down the western stairs and you'll get hit by a trainer, but you'll find a Dragon Scale just beyond him.

Veteran Hugo
  • Fraxure, level 54
  • Zweilous, level 54
  • Flygon, level 54
Reward: 4,320 P

Past Hugo you'll wind up back outside. There's another cave beyond, though it's protected by a Zoroark that absolutely will not move. You'll need to complete the game and become the Champion before you can get the Zoroak out of the way.

That's enough dawdling. Head back up the hill to the stairs. The trainer you skipped earlier is waiting, and there's a second one a little further up the stairs.

Veteran Portia
  • Zebstrika, level 54
  • Sawk, level 54
  • Starmie, level 54
Reward: 4,320 P

Veteran Sterling
  • Beartic, level 54
  • Throh, level 54
  • Golurk, level 54
Reward: 4,320 P

Past the two trainers you'll find the remains of the very end of Unova's original Victory Road. This is the end of the road... and you should save, because the end of Victory Road in previous Pokémon games almost always forced you into one last battle. True to form...

Pokémon Trainer Hugh
  • Unfezant, level 55
  • Simipour (if Tepig was Hugh's starter) / Simisage (if Oshawott was Hugh's starter) / Simisear (if Snivy was Hugh's starter), level 55
  • Bouffalant, level 55
  • Emboar / Samurott / Serperior, level 57
Reward: 5,700 P

Heeeey, buddy! It's been a while since you last fought Hugh, and he's added a Bouffalant to his team, along with fully evolving everyone else. Hugh is the strongest trainer you'll face on Victory Road, but not by a whole lot. As long as you can counter his types you should be fine. Just watch out for Bouffalant, as it hits very hard and can obliterate any poorly-chosen Pokémon with Megahorn and Earthquake.

Hugh will congratulate you on your strength once the battle is over, then hand over TM24 Thunderbolt. Leave the final passage of Victory Road and you'll find yourself face-to-face with the Pokémon League.

Return Trip

Head back to Victory Road after becoming the Champion and check the spot that was blocked by the Zoroark. It's still on Victory Road, but this time it will lead you deeper into the mountain, where you'll come to N's Castle. This crumbled fortress is a sheltered leftover from the climax of Black and White, and when you enter N will be waiting. 

N wants to face you in combat, and will ask you to lead him to the deepest chamber of the castle. There are a couple things to see along the way:
  • N's room is right beside the entrance. Inside you'll find a Luxury Ball.
  • There's a watery channel right beside the entrance. Climb down into it and check to the left for a Protein
  • At the far east end of the water channel you'll find TM50 Overheat.
Climb the stairs in the east and N will usher you into the remaining door. Head north and the battle will begin.

Pokémon Trainer N
  • Zekrom, level 70 (Black 2) / Reshiram, level 70 (White 2)
Reward: 14,000 P

Zekrom's two Dragon-types are powerful, but you're only facing one Pokémon. So. Your team shouldn't have much trouble. Both can be handled with a minimum of fuss by a Ground-type Pokémon, though if you have a fast Dragon-type Pokémon that will do as well, so long as you're prepared for it to get knocked out.

In the wake of the battle N will give you the Dark Stone (Black 2) or the Light Stone (White 2). Take this item to Dragonspiral Tower's highest floor. Once there either Zekrom or Reshiram, depending on which item you received, will emerge, and you can capture them for your collection. Once you've captured (or just defeated) the dragon, N will arrive and tell you that Kyurem has returned to Giant Chasm, and you can go there to capture the beast.

All done? Not quite. In addition to this little bonus it's possible to battle N back in his castle, once per season, and his team will change based on the season. N's Pokémon are all powerful enough that we'll throw all this into another article.