The Banner Saga 2 Walkthrough / Guide

The Banner Saga 2 created by Stoic.
Images used for educational purposes only.
Bellower has been defeated. The dredge are pushed back. Boersgard is saved. But all of these things are only temporary, and the journey carries ever onward, an exodus from the encroaching dark. Thus The Banner Saga continues, a trek filled with pain, loss, potential starvation, and giants. Lots and lots of giants.

The Banner Saga 2 is (obviously) the second instalment in the full Banner Saga. As such, your decisions, and any of the characters you saved from death, carry over from the first game. It is highly recommended that you play The Banner Saga first, as the story is a direct continuation. (It's also a damned good game, so...)

Main Walkthrough

Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen


Item List
Training Challenges


  1. Your site is fantastic and walkthroughs are the cream of the crop. Jeez, I hate video-walkthrough, it's a pain in the ass when you need just a specific info. Instead yours are so clearly organized and easy to surf through. Well done man!

    1. Thanks! Glad you find it useful. Yeah, I don't like video walkthroughs either. I've considered tossing up videos for a few things - fighting some of the bosses in Undertale, for example - but text is ultimately so much better for RPG walkthroughs.

    2. Just wanted to echo this comment and say thank you for your hard work! I always prefer text walkthoughs, and yours is far better than the other few ones I have tried to use. Kudos!

  2. Thanks dude very much appreciated. And surprisingly detailed for how short of time has passed since released. Gonna throw you a bone I think you called it.

  3. You say the second battle CAN be done but I've been trying for hours. Could you link a video? Thank you.

  4. Amazing walkthrough. Thank you.

  5. Great walkthrough. Been using it for my second playthrough. Know when you'll finish editing the character guide? Anyway thanks

  6. Thanks for the very well thought-out walkthrough this game has so many scenario's and decisions it must have took a lot of time to make this. I appreciate the effort! Great work.

  7. Great guide, but you omitted training. This adds a lot of free renown. Sparring allows you to add kills to a character, so you can setup promotions for everyone you want to promote in this fashion.

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  9. That's great, thanks for your very detailed post.

  10. First time I hear about this game and, as I can see, it is not very popular. Can anybody tell me, where I can read the description?

  11. Wretched, wretched, absolutely wretched guide. If I wanted to run blindly into the snows surrounding Old Ford and have my favorite alcoholic axe thrower AND beloved grampa Varl Krumr kick the bucket, then THEN I'd choose this guide. *ahem* ok so I must clarify: this guide is VERY good at describing battles and tactics for them. It is, however, painfully oblique when it comes to laying out the outcomes of each decision. I commend you for writing a guide at all-- that's no small task. When I play a game I do my first run without a guide, so I may enjoy it unfettered by future-wisdom. This being my second Banner Saga run, however, I have decided I'd like to keep my bloody Ravens kickin' as long as possible. Tell me: why would I want a guide that didn't help me do exactly that?! *blows horn for extra willpower to do the Road to Old Ford a FIFTH TIME*