The Banner Saga 2 Walkthrough: Chapter Thirteen

The Banner Saga 2 created by Stoic.
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Chapter Twelve

Main Walkthrough

- As seems pretty standard for Bolverk, you'll begin this chapter in a battle - though this time Bolverk and Folka are on their own. These starving fighters aren't very powerful, but you should still be fairly cautious. Take advantage of Bolverk's twice-per-turn attacks by lining up beside two units whenever you can.

- DECISION. Back in camp you'll find a conversation with Zefr waiting, and, if you have him in the party, Sigbjorn. Zefr's conversation is no big deal, but if you wish you can decide to make an example of unruly Sigbjorn when he mouths off (and he does pretty much regardless of your choices, though the middle option leads right into a fight). This leads to a choice as you brawl:
  • Charge Sigbjorn. Morale improves.
  • Wrap him up and slam him into the ground. Bolverk murders Sigbjorn.
  • Throw a barrel at his head. Lose 5 Supples, Morale improves.
- DECISION. On your way out of camp Sparr will suggest recruiting some woodcutters. You can:
  • Recruit 'em. Gain 35 Fighters.
  • Don't recruit 'em. Nothing happens.
  • Inquire as to the downsides. They're obvious, and you still need to choose.


- DECISION. An old man claims that a child in the caravan has been swapped, and he says this is a bad omen. You can:
  • Tell them to kill it / remain apathetic. Lose three Clansmen.
  • Demand to see the child. This reveals a small abnormality on the child's head that Bolverk rather appreciates, though you still more or less need to decide on whether to kill it or not.
  • Tell the caravan to get moving / forbid them to kill the child. Morale improves.

DECISION. The caravan hits dense underbrush, and one of the fighters demands help - and his hand appears to hurt. You can:
  • Tell everyone to grab an axe and help. If you do this everyone starts running into trouble, and Oli insists that some leaves he has will cure the poison. You'll lose Supplies and Morale either way.
  • Ask about the man's hand. Choose another option.
  • Insist on finding a different path. Lose a day, but Morale improves.

DECISION. Your scouts find a hole in the ground. You can:
  • Ask what's in the hole. Push the issue once to get a Clasp of Kyn.
  • Demand answers of Sparr. You still need to pick something else.
  • Warn the Ravens to stay away from the hole. Nothing happens.

- Godstone ahoy. Some kids in the caravan start to mess with the godstone, creating a cairn. You can:
  • Tell them to knock it off. Nothing happens.
  • Kick the cairn they're building over. Beneath the cairn you'll find a Tool of Scyldings.
  • Give them a stone to add to their cairn. Morale improves.
- IMPORTANT DECISION. Upon hitting a village Dytch will tell you that the banners among the dredge nearby are from Einartoft. If Krumr is in your party he'll insist on going to check them out. You can:
  • Go help them out. You'll get into a battle with some dredge, and upon winning you'll recruit Fasolt, a familiar face from The Banner Saga. You'll also gain 25 Supplies and 7 Varl, and a conversation between Bolverk and Fasolt ensues.
  • Refuse to go with Krumr. He disappears.
- IMPORTANT DECISION. After leaving the village it becomes obvious that the caravan needs to hurry, and you won't be able to slow down for the weak and vulnerable. You can:
  • Insist that anyone who can't fight stays behind. Gudmundr will protest this, and if you press the point he'll leave the caravan to protect his people. All of the Clansmen will leave your caravan.
  • Tell those who can't fight to leave combat to the pros.
- IMPORTANT DECISION. Armed dredge approach the caravan, and Sparr offers to fend them off. You can:
  • Let him. You'll lose twelve Fighters, and Sparr leaves.
  • Send a dozen fighters to keep the dredge at bay.
  • Charge the dredge. Gain 5 Renown and get into a battle.
  • Keep the caravan together, fending off attacks when you can.
  • If you recruited Fasolt, Bolverk points out that the dredge may not want to fight. You'll walk right by. Gain 10 Renown.
- DECISION. The Stonesinger begins to hum its odd language, unsettling the whole caravan at a bad time. You can:
  • Ask Zefr what it's doing.
  • Slam the Stonesinger's head against the cart. A battle against dredge follows immediately after. The Gloomwardens in this battle can make it pretty brutal. I recommend trying to take them down first, if you can.
  • Let it sing. You still get into a fight, but the Stonesinger will help you in battle by stripping Armor away from your opponents.
Alternately, if the Stonesinger didn't survive chapter eleven, you'll get into a fight no matter what.

- IMPORTANT DECISION. If he's in your party, Ekkill rushes forward to take on a group of dredge emerging from a crevice. If Ekkill isn't around, Oli does this instead. You can:
  • Send fighters in with him. Lose 12 Fighters, and Ekkill is apparently gone. Oli suffers the same fate.
  • Follow his charge. Lose ten Fighters, and Ekkill is in the next battle.
  • Ignore him and attempt to go around.
- Another battle is coming, though this one's a bit different, as you need to clear a bunch of ice behind your position while fending off the dredge. This is pretty easy - just turn around and start smashing ice. So long as you have a halfway decent party, preferably with Bolverk doing double duty, you should be able to smash the ice out of the way before the dredge can even reach you. Note that Bolverk's Cull the Weak move does work on the ice, though I'd say his two-attack-per-turn route is ultimately a bit faster.

- DECISION. If he's still around, Krumr will tell a little story about an ambush. You can:

  • Ask what he's getting at. Krumr will ask for fighters to deal with the situation. Lose 12 Fighters
  • Say you won't risk any more fighters.
  • Tell him to shut up.

Old Ford

Upon arrival at Old Ford you'll catch a few scenes, and depending on your choices earlier the various Ravens who took off during the trip here may or may not return to fight another day:
  • Gudmundr and his people will return to you if you ditched them earlier, though there are far fewer Clansmen than before.
  • If you let Sparr go off he'll come back.
  • Ekkill is gone if you let him run off. Oli, by contrast, will tromp back into camp - and he'll bring 5 Fighters with him.
  • Assuming Krumr was in your party and you let him go check on the banners from Einartoft without accompanying him, he'll show up here with Fasolt, and you'll have your conversation with the beaten varl at Old Ford instead. He'll similarly come back if you let him leave just before reaching Old Ford, and will bring all of the Fighters back with him.
Have a look around Old Ford. There's a Market, as well as two buildings you can click on labelled Houses and Volunteers. You can choose to spend time on one of them, but not both. Volunteers doesn't seem to do much, but choosing Houses will plant barricades in the next battle, with some archers providing cover fire. Prep your troops...

... and after a conversation with Folka, you'll get into another battle against the Sundr Eyeless. Take out your poor, departed buddy first (no spoilers) to make Eyeless appear on the battlefield, then slowly press forward, killing dredge. This will give Eyeless fodder for possession, though each time you take out the dredge's she's possessed the big Sundr will reappear. You might have an easier time (though it's not that tough a battle) taking out the other dredge first, then going after the super-weak initial host, then ganging up on Eyeless.

Be warned! Eyeless can, and will, possess your own fallen characters. Try to get through the fight with as few casualties as possible to limit her possible hosts.

Once you've defeated Eyeless you have the chance to kill her by pressing forward or using the opportunity to flee to Manaharr. If you opt to finish Eyeless you need to head to the top-right side of the battlefield (hopefully you're already there) and smash her body to pieces before she can get up. She has no Armor, so one hit from a strong fighter will do the trick. Other dredge will show up to defend Eyeless, so if your team is hurting I highly suggest having a character right beside her spawn point. You'll get the Sunder Slayer achievement for killing Eyeless.

Main Walkthrough


  1. Actually, taking out the dead mender first is a really bad idea. Focus on everyone else, hit the mender on 1hp. He has no abilities, no DMG so just kill the other Dredge, it will be an easy fight. As soon as you cleared everything, kill the mender and then easily (Pillage Mode!) kill eyeless. (Have a playthrough on hard, was an easy fight)

    1. Yes, I suggested that at the end of the battle description.

  2. If you join Krumr, you have to fight some Dredge. After that, Fasolt and 23 Varl will join you

  3. IMPORTANT DECISION. Armed dredge approach the caravan, and Sparr offers to fend them off.

    If you previously joined Krumr in checking out the Einartoft banners, Fasolt will have joined your party. He tells you that the dredge may noy be interested in fighting (5th option). Choosing this option will get you 10 renown.

  4. Ran into another decision with Krumr right before you get to Old Ford. You got to an open area and Krumr hints at an ambush and wants to "take some fighters and handle the situation". You can either say "there is no situation" or "don't make me regret this". If you say there is no situation, Krumr will leave on his own.

    1. Me too. I let him check out the "situation" and he returned with the 12 fighters who he took with him.

      1. What are you getting at?
      1.1 There is no situation
      1.2 Don't make me regret this
      2. I'm not risking more fighters on one of your death wishes.
      3. Keep quiet. Talk like that only spreads fear.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. yeap... Krumr made it back with the 12 fighters...
      I was literally eating my finger nails, waiting for him to show up. I'm glad I let him do that. I thing it was one thing on his bucket list.

    4. I chose: "Not risking any more fighters" "Keep quiet...." "Don't make me regret it..." And Krumr comes back with people in tow when you wake up.

    5. Cool thanks. I told him (Krumr) "There is no situation" and he left on his own. I was freaking out thinking he would not come back!
      I use him occasionally for the warleader skill.

    6. I told krumr no every option and he left ALONE and NEVER CAME BACK. KRUMR CAN INDEED DIE/GO MISSING. this is an important point to mention! you MUST let him take the 12 fighters with him or you lose him.

  5. Worth noting: I'm not sure what decisions lead to it, but I didn't get a mouthy conversation with Sigborn, here. The Sigborn conversation I had was more "What's our plan, here, boss, the world is ending?"

    They talked about how the Varl live so long, they don't know what to do with themselves, but just keep going through the motions. Was an interesting chat.

    Not sure if it's because I skipped out on the Stonesinger, but that was the major choice I could see affecting that.

    1. same. i've been running the Bolverk chapters far nicer. it may have something to do with the choices throughout the game up to this point to be nice (not to kill and to help when you can).

  6. if you kill eyeless at the end, you receive the achievement Sundr Slayer and 10 renown

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. "If you opt to finish Eyeless you need to head to the right side of the battlefield (hopefully you're already there) and smash her body down before she can get up. One hit should do it."
    More precisely, the top side of the battlefield where the dredge army is. Should be a warning that it's not a walk in the park. Not only is the whole fight super annoying because the 1-square holes in the bridge screw up Varl movement, but also her body teleports to the top of the map, where two Stonesingers and two of those other guys appear. If you manage to bring the Berserker more or less whole, then he does it with the double attack. BUt that is, if you're not blocked by the dredge (and with me it kinda looked like they were actively blocking the way).

  9. Letting the stonesinger sing during combat lowers all their armor by 2. He uses the last party members first turn to do this. Somewhat helpful

  10. I think you have the number wrong in this one... I got the other way around (24 varl, 7 supplies)

    - IMPORTANT DECISION. Upon hitting a village Dytch will tell you that the banners among the dredge nearby are from Einartoft. If Krumr is in your party he'll insist on going to check them out. You can:

    Go help them out. You'll get into a battle with some dredge, and upon winning you'll recruit Fasolt, a familiar face from The Banner Saga. You'll also gain 25 Supplies and 7 Varl, and a conversation between Bolverk and Fasolt ensues.

  11. The final battle in this chapter against Eyeless is the easiest chance you have to unlock the Intense Repossession achievement. Whittle down his hp but do not kill him, then keep letting him repossess until you hit 10/10. Use the barricades to protect some of your weaker characters like Sparr or Zefr from Eyeless' retaliation after killing each repossessed enemy. Dytch is also very useful for invisible blocking.

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  13. If you let kumr go just before old ford by choosing the "I'm not risking more fighters on one of your death wishes." he never comes back

  14. Use cull the weak on ice if you can it will always be faster, as you don't have to choose between that or attacking. If you can kill the ice with cull the weak, do that first. You can infinitely attack so long as you have the willpower/strength to use cull effectively.

  15. Yeah, the fact that Ekill just vanished...I was very disappointed because the narrative didn't hint to me that he died. In the first game if a character is killed off, the characters at least discuss in passing "Oh, he didn't make it" or "We looked around and couldn't find him", but Ekkil basically goes all Leeroy Jenkins and the way I read it, Folka and Bolverk are like "I'm glad he's on our team" as if they expect him to come back. The fact that he didn't threw me for a loop and I spent the rest of the game pining the loss of my Lv. 7 Ekkill :(

  16. Stupid retard who shouldn't write any guides. Wasting people's time. Krumr returns? No consequence? Imprecise guides are worse than horse shit. Quit your website.

  17. Wasted 4 hours of my time. If I ever find you in real life I'll give you a warm welcome,

  18. For the opening fight at the beginning of the chapter, even if you arent leveling Bolverk to keep him weak for the final battle, he can still obliterate the entire field in 1 turn with cull the weak,. When u run out of will, use the horn.

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  20. I have a question for you, I finished the first game, and, i am in the cap 10, but Krumr doesn´t join ravens until, in the first game he was alive, actually a defeat bellower with him, so, why i cant play with him?, when i started a new profile, i can play with him in tthe beginning.....

  21. I took the clansmen from Bindal in chapter 11. When I clicked on the volunteers 100 of the clansmen showed up with weapons and became fighters. Not sure if that also happens if you click houses but it says in the guide that "volunteers doesn't do much," and while the barricades from the houses are probably nice, Oli is the only ranged fighter so it's hard to make full use of it.