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Chapter Eleven

Main Walkthrough

- DECISION. After the epic end to chapter eleven you wind up back with the 'normal' caravan in Lundar. With the siege ended you can now explore a little, and if you saved the Market previously you can make some purchases. Ro'Ech and Josurr, the old man from the siege, have things to say. Josurr wants to bring everyone from Lundar along on the caravan; you'll get the following if you agree:
  • If you saved the Great Hall you'll gain 51 Fighters.
  • If you saved the Market you'll gain 112 Supplies.
  • If you saved the Houses you'll have gained somewhere in the vicinity of 200 Clansmen (seems to vary).
Whether you accept the citizens of Lundar or not, you're done here. Check out the Training tent if you want the final challenge session, then head out.

- Shortly after leaving Lundar, assuming you saved the witch in chapter ten, you'll receive a happy little boon of 75 Supplies.


The following random events can happen on the plains, though most of them happen once you enter the Old Wood. There's a bit of potential overlap with the random events from chapter ten.

- If you didn't meet her in chapter ten, you can come across the old woman merchant here. She will happily sell you a random selection of items.

DECISION. Your scouts believe someone is following the caravan. You can:
  • Tell them to alert you when they see something. Nothing happens.
  • Look for yourself. Nothing happens.

DECISION. Your hunters spot a game trail. You can:
  • Let the hunters hunt. Nothing happens.
  • Make a wager on who will bring back the biggest kill. Your character goes hunting themselves, and if you go right (the last option) you'll get 5 Renown and 25 Supplies, along with a Morale boost.
  • Continue moving. Nothing happens.

DECISION. You come under attack by kragsmen, who have been tracking you for quite a while. You can:
  • If Mogr's in the party, he'll suggest slowing down and tightening the caravan's ranks. Lose 24 Fighters and 21 Supplies.
  • Focus on the attackers in front. You'll need to fight.
  • Focus on the attackers behind. Again, fight.
  • Send fighters to both ends to repel the attacks. Lose 10 Clansmen, 15 Fighters, and 4 Varl. Morale declines.

DECISION. A kragsman offers to bring himself and some of his men along, assuming you did well in the previous battle (in other words, went with Mogr's advice). You can:
  • Invite them along. Gain 100 Fighters and 40 Supplies.
  • Refuse.
Note that if you did not do well fighting the kragsmen you'll simply get into another battle this time around.

DECISION. A man finds a beautiful flower, and is going a little overboard about it. You can:
  • Inspect the flower. You lose 20 Supplies and Morale declines.
  • Ask why it's perfect. Choose one of the other two options.
  • Move on. Lose 6 Clansmen.

- DECISION. The caravan has gotten lost in a seemingly impossible neck of the woods, and everyone is starting to freak out. You can:

  • Go left. Lose 12 Clansmen, 12 Fighters, and 4 Varl.
  • Go right.
  • Insist everyone calm down. Lose four Clansmen, Fighters, and Varl, and Morale declines.

DECISION. You see an odd, blue flame ahead, and several people head off to check it out. You can:
  • Join those heading for the campfire. You'll keep seeing more bonfires. Search three of them and you'll find a Hunnfang, and the people you lose along the way return to the caravan.
  • Call everyone back. Morale declines.
  • Keep going, telling those who left to rejoin you later. Lose 15 Clansmen and 8 Fighters, and Morale declines.
  • If she's in the party, ask Yrsa what to do. She advises moving on, and you need to make another decision.

- DECISION. Upon reaching Ettingbekr there is trouble in the woods, as the village is being pillaged. You can:
  • Admit you can't save everyone and keep going. Nothing happens.
  • Wonder what the horseborn are doing. You get a bit of information on the folks attacking the village, and still need to make a decision.
  • Try to help. This leads to a battle against the horseborn, and your own horseborn units are forced into the party. This battle is quite dangerous thanks to Trigecannthae, an oversized horseborn who hits substantially harder than his buddies and can take more abuse overall. Ouch. Keep your team back until he draws close, then try to overwhelm him before he can go again. Defeating Trigecannthae will end the battle, and you'll gain 8 Renown, as well as access to the town before you continue onward.
- IMPORTANT DECISION. If you decided not to stop at Ettingbekr there will be a forest fire, and you'll have to decide how to handle the spreading catastrophe:
  • Have the varl lead a charge away from the fire. You'll lose 63 Clansmen, 7 Fighters, 9 Varl, and, if he was in the party, Mogr. No surprise, Morale drops.
  • Order everyone to follow you. Morale improves.
  • Send scouts to determine the direction of the fire. Morale declines.

- DECISION. You find a village shortly after, and an odd man greets you. Sinister, this. Attempting to rest doesn't work very well, and if you try to rest twice you'll lose 20 Clansmen and leave shortly thereafter.

- Kragsmen will attack shortly after this. It's the same as other Kragsmen fights, but you'll be facing a War Bear rather than normal Bears, and there's a fair strength jump between the two. Try and keep the War Bear away from your guys until you can whittle its Health away enough that it's much less of a threat.

- DECISION. Godstone ahoy. You can:
  • Inspect the stone. You'll find Brenna's Lock.
  • Discuss the cracks in the ground near the stone with Juno and Eyvind. Choose another option.
  • Help set up camp. Jump to camp.
- DECISION. Choose to rest and you'll get a scene with either father or daughter, depending. I get the feeling the choice right at the end is important, but I currently have no idea how.

- DECISION. After... some rather major things happen... Juno and Eyvind will wander away to talk. You can:
  • Reassure Iver that everyone will be fine. Nothing happens.
  • Speak to the bigger families and try to calm them. Morale improves.
  • Train more Fighters. You can use this to convert all of your Clansmen into Fighters or just a subsection, if you wish. It takes three days to convert them all.
  • Say you won't get any answers until Juno is ready to talk. Nothing happens.
Shortly after this event you'll arrive in Fiskivik, and the chapter will end. Note that Iver and Eyvind are going to leave your party and will not return to the main caravan, so you should at least determine whether or not you want to strip them of whatever items they're carrying.

Chapter Thirteen

Main Walkthrough