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Chapter Ten

Main Walkthrough

- This chapter takes you back to the Ravens, and you'll be dropped directly into a battle against some dredge if you opted to sleep outside with them at the end of chapter nine. Pretty standard fight, all told, and shouldn't cause any issues - though do keep in mind starting out that it's going to last a while, thanks to a steady stream of reinforcements. If you left Bolverk in the city you'll lose nine Fighters.

- DECISION. Some interesting developments... develop. Once they're done you have the run of the town, and can head to a Market to buy stuff, if you like. Head to the Barn for a rather shocking revelation. From here you can choose the following:
  • Stick with the Valka by offering to help.
  • Leave on your own.

You now have a choice between two locations, the Gate and the Barn. If you specifically offered to help, you'll also have a third: Houses.


Approaching the Gate will put you in the middle of a scuffle between a few guys over some stolen goods. You have choices:
  • Keep the Ravens out of it. Gain 30 Supplies.
  • Threaten everyone.
  • Ask what was stolen.

Sketchy movements. You can:
  • Go through the front door.
  • Wonder at Folka being the thieving type. Choose another option.
  • Try to go in through the roof. If you have Mogun you can order him to do this. He'll fetch you a Green Eykr.

As you're clearing the homes Oli points out one that's particularly big. You can:
  • Check through the house for valuables. Morale improves.
  • Look through the windows. Morale improves.
  • Keep moving. Nothing happens.


If you decide to leave without the Valka you'll be pressed into a battle underway with your troops. Help them finish the job against the dredge and the local captain will claim that several Ravens were trying to steal supplies, and is threatening them with death. You'll lose two Fighters. You can:
  • Threaten the captain with death if he touches any of the Ravens. Lose two Fighters.
  • Ask what stopped him. Loops back to the other options.
  • Let him do as he wishes. Lose five Fighters.
Regardless of your choices you'll wind up in the mines, and you'll wind up with a large number of Supplies and Clansmen. (The number of Clansmen jumps quite a bit if you checked the Houses.) Zefr and Nikels will also join your party.

- IMPORTANT DECISION. Shortly after entering the cave path the sounds of trouble back at the entrance will float down, and Zefr will imply that the Ravens should go back and help. You can:
  • Send the Ravens back up. This leads to a battle against dredge, and Gudmundr, the captain, will join your party. This can be a difficult battle, since you're facing two Stonesingers, and you might want to plough right down the middle and take the casters out before they can buff their troops.
  • Insist that the Ravens are mercenaries, not volunteers. Still leads to another decision.
  • Refuse to go back up. Gudmundr dies.

The troops will come to a forced stop a short way into the mines. Speak to Zefr and you can leave.


- DECISION. A scout finds gold, though he seems to have lost where he found it. You can:
  • Threaten the scout. You'll lose Fighters looking for the gold.
  • Put the man on yox duty. Morale declines.
  • Send out a search party. Lose 9 Supplies and Morale decreases.
  • Move on. Lose 3 Clansmen.

- DECISION. The caravan hears the sound of running water, and people try to run off and find it. You can:
  • Tell everyone to stop while the scouts go look. Lose 8 Clansmen.
  • Push ahead of everyone. Lose 4 Clansmen, and Morale declines.
  • Let them search. Lose 8 Clansmen and Morale declines.
  • Threaten anyone who decides to leave the path. Lose Morale.

- DECISION. A large number of Clansmen go missing, and Zefr insists you go looking for them. You can:
  • Insist that the caravan keep moving. The Clansmen remain lost.
  • Shout into the darkness, hoping to lure them back. The noise attracts a group of Skulkers, and you need to fight them off. This includes larger Vile Skulkers, which are much stronger versions of Skulkers - but, ultimately, more or less the same beasts.
  • Tell Zefr to go find them. She finds some of them, but not all, and you basically lose a day.
  • Agree, grudgingly. If you continue down the left path all of the families will be found.

DECISION. After a bit of walking Bolverk will be approached by an odd fellow named Dytch. He joins the party. (At this point you can do more Training missions, as well.) Shortly after that Dytch is seen walking with a woman Bolverk doesn't recognize. You can:
  • Approach the pair. Nothing happens.
  • Ask Folka who she is. She doesn't really know.
  • Ignore them.

- DECISION. Bolverk settles down for a sleep, then wakes up again and may or may not tell Folka about his dream. Scouts are sent out for water, and you lose three Fighters and three Clansmen unless you give Folka instructions on how to find water. In this case you gain Renown and improve Morale instead.

- DECISION. The caravan comes to a rickety bridge that's obviously not meant for carts. You can:
  • Keep going. You lose 28 Clansmen, 18 Fighters, and 22 Supplies.
  • Get the Menders to reinforce the bridge. The caravan crosses safely.
  • Cross one cart at a time. The caravan crosses safely and Morale improves.
- DECISION. The caravan comes to a godstone, and the Clansmen start picking at the gemstones on the surface of the structure. You can:
  • Tell them to stop. Nothing happens.
  • Try to pry a gem off for yourself. Morale declines.
  • Say nothing. You'll receive a Gem of Vez'Nan.
- DECISION. After the godstone inspection the caravan stops for a while. You can speak to Bak, Nikels, and Sparr down here. You can also look in one of three pools in the rear of the area. You can:
  • Look in the top pool. Gain 35 Supplies and Morale improves,
  • Look in the middle pool. Your characters gain more kills (experience, basically).
  • Look in the bottom pool. Bolverk is injured.
  • Leave the pools alone. Nothing happens.

- DECISION. Shortly after leaving camp several Ravens try to feed a hungry man some glowing berries, and he's understandably nervous. You can:
  • Let Folka handle it. Gain 15 Supplies and Morale improves.
  • Knock the berries out of the man's hand. Nothing happens.
  • Make your fighters eat the berries. Gain 15 Supplies and Morale improves.
  • Force the man to eat the berries. Gain 15 Supplies and Morale improves.

Battle is upon you not long after having another dream, and after defeating a single unit you'll wind up facing off against Eyeless, a Sundr. Though Eyeless has the ability to possess dredge after they die, and her hits can poison your units, this battle is made fairly easy by the chasm running through the middle of the area, cutting off a number of dredge units. Position your heavy-hitters on the right, quickly kill the possessed dredge to make Eyeless appear, and smack her down with a concerted effort from everyone. Ignore the other dredge entirely. The fight won't take long.

- DECISION. Nikels is gone in the aftermath of the battle, and you'll lose 12 Clansmen and 9 Fighters, along with Morale. Zefr then realizes she's lost. You can:
  • Say 'We're lost?!'. Morale declines, and you lose Fighters. Another battle against dredge is imminent.
  • Tell Zefr to choose a path. You lose two Clansmen, and battle is upon you.
  • Demand Zefr get you to the surface. You lose two Clansmen, and battle is upon you.
  • Send scouts. You lose fifteen Fighters and two Clansmen.

Regardless of choice you're now facing another fight, this time against Warped Stoneguards. These weird creatures are incredibly tough, and have the unique ability to 'share' damage against them with other characters for a single round. Use the crevices in the ground to your advantage and team up on the Stoneguards one-at-a-time, only avoiding them if the damage you inflict is going to harm one of your party members instead (look for the purple mark above their heads).

- DECISION. In the aftermath of the battle you'll have the opportunity to bring along one of the dredge. If you decide to do so you'll lose 103 Clansmen, 44 Fighters, and 23 Supplies on your way out. If you kill it... well, you kill it.

- DECISION. If you killed the Stonesinger you'll have trouble getting out. Take every opportunity to head upwards to gain 5 Renown and leave the caves, as well as the chapter, behind.

Main Walkthrough