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Mother of a rebel and wife of a frustrated storeowner, Caroline is probably the 'normal' one in her family. She's upbeat and cheerful most of the time, taking most problems with a dose of good cheer and humour. Now, if only that daughter would stop dying her hair...


Caroline is the wife of Pierre, the owner of Pierre's General Store, and the mother of Abigail. She spends most of the time in and around the Store, either sticking to the rear rooms, dutifully hiding from religious worshipers in her bedroom, or wandering around town. She greets newcomers warmly, and isn't afraid to discuss her family.

Caroline's birthday is on the 7th of Winter.

Likes and Dislikes

Caroline likes to eat, so most of her likes are food-related. She absolutely loves Fish Tacos, and you can follow it up with a variety of veggies - Green Beans, Potatoes, Eggplants, Corn, and so on. She also likes berries and berry products, such as Wines, and any fruits you grow or forage (except Salmonberry) should go over well. Also? Gems. Gems are just fine.

Though she likes foraged fruits, Caroline does not like foraged vegetables. Leeks, Radishes, Spring Onions, and the like will be rejected. She also seems to have a thing against anything coming from poultry, such as Eggs and Mayonnaise.


Caroline doesn't stray too far from the General Store most of the time, and nine times out of ten if you head into town during the day (before 3 pm or so) you'll either find her in the Store or in the square, often speaking with Jodi. When she does head elsewhere Caroline can sometimes be found in the park to the southwest of her home or, in Fall and Winter, at the Library.

  • At three hearts Caroline will send you a recipe for Parsnip Soup in the mail.
  • At six hearts you can see a cut scene between Caroline and Abigail in the General Store. Check there early in the day, when they're both still in the building.
Main Walkthrough