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The stodgy metalworker of Pelican Town, Clint is a gruff dude with a cynical outlook. He's friendly enough, in a professional sort of way, but there's a barely-hidden layer of cynicism beneath his professional demeanour that quickly shines through whenever he's annoyed. Yet beneath even the cynicism is a reservoir of loneliness, and when you get to know Clint you realize he just wants a bit of companionship.

... said companionship may have blue hair. May.


Clint is Pelican Town's blacksmith. He lives in the Blacksmith shop on the far east side of town, between the Library and JojaMart, and he spends his days tending to the metal needs of the community. Most of your interactions with Clint will take place at his shop, either upgrading tools or smashing open Geodes from the Mines.

Clint's birthday is on the 26th of Winter. His is the last birthday before the year changes over to Spring again.

Like and Dislikes

Though he's a little apathetic about his profession, Clint nevertheless has a deep-seated love of metals and gems. All of the valuable jewels from the Mines - Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Jade, etc. - will fill him with glee. Bars (Iridium and Gold in particular, Iron and Copper to a lesser extent) are equally welcome. Clint also likes bar food, and will happily accept Pizza and Beer.

Clint is less enthusiastic about Minerals besides gemstones, and he will outright reject most of the items you pull out of Geodes. Most greens and virtually all foraged items meet with a similar level of disdain.


Clint is easily one of the most predictable NPCs in Pelican Town. He starts his day working in his shop, opening up at 9 am and working until 4 pm. He'll then close up, work a little bit longer, and leave at 7 pm to walk to the Saloon. Clint remains at the Saloon until 12 am, then hops up and heads home. Rain or shine, he does this eeeeevery day. You probably won't see him do anything else unless it's a festival day.

  • At three hearts Clint will send you the Algae Soup recipe in the mail. He'll also start sending you occasional Bars.
  • At four hearts you can get a scene with Clint at the Stardust Saloon, after he arrives for the evening. You can give him tips on how to approach women. (They won't help.)
  • At eight hearts Clint will send you the Bean Hotpot recipe in the mail.
  • At eight hearts you can get a scene between Clint and Emily in Pelican Town, during the day. You need to have seen the scene in the Saloon for this one to trigger. (You may also have to enter from the Marnie's Ranch exit. Not positive about that.)
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