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The rebel without a cause, Abigail is a restless young woman. High-spirited and adventurous, Abigail yearns to learn her mark on the world - and she's willing to be more than a little reckless in the process. Problem is, her idea of 'leaving a mark' could get her killed...

Abigail has purple hair. Don't tell her she should keep it that way, though. She'll get mad.


Abigail lives at Pierre's General Store with her father, Pierre, and mother, Caroline. Unlike many of the other prospective bachelors and bachelorettes she does not have a job beyond seemingly helping out in her dad's shop from time to time, and spends most of her days wandering around and getting into trouble. She's friends with Sebastian and Sam, and hangs out with them above all others, though you're more likely to see her with Sebastian than Sam.

Abigail's birthday is on the 13th of Fall.

Likes and Dislikes

Abigail likes to eat quite a bit, and will happily accept a wide variety of sumptuous items. Chocolate Cake and Spicy Eel are at the top of her list, though she won't turn down Cookies, Ice Cream, Pizza, and even Salad. If you made it, she'll probably eat it. She also likes rare gems in general, though by far her favourite is Amethyst, which goes nicely with her hair.

Abigail has little use for raw items. Uncooked or unprepared veggies from your farm or scraped from the landscape won't be welcomed. She particularly dislikes Eggs, for some reason. (Though Mayonnaise is fine?)


Abigail has a rather meandering schedule that hops around a decent bit from one season to the next:

  • In Spring Abigail will wander just about everywhere, though she begins every day at Pierre's General Store, and doesn't typically leave until 12 - 1 pm-ish. She leans towards the northern half of town, sometimes venturing as far north as the lake near the Mines, though she will also head to the Library and graveyard on occasion as well. On Fridays and rainy days you can find her at the Stardrop Saloon, often with Sam and Sebastian.
  • Abigail will visit many of the same areas during the Summer, though she seems particularly attached to the railroad station in the far north of Stardew Valley, and will spend long days poking around the area. From there she often heads east to the lake by the Mines before going home.
  • Fall isn't much different for Abigail - in other words, all over the place - though she adds the Bus Stop and, rarely, the Wizard's Tower (far west) to her repertoire.
  • By Winter Abigail seems to settle back to her more Spring habits again, occasionally popping in to see Sebastian at the Carpenter's Shop. Again, too, she'll spend lots of time near the Mines in the afternoon.
If you get annoyed by Abigail's eclectic habits your best bets for finding her are either first thing in the morning, when she's just getting up, or starting at 7 pm, which is typically when she's headed home for the evening.

  • At two hearts you can get a scene with Abigail in her house, where you play a co-op round Journey of the Prairie King with her. (Stay out of the middle of the screen - if you spawn in Abigail's character you'll both get stuck.)
  • At four hearts you can find Abigail north of Pelican Town, playing music beneath a tree. Enter the area with Linus' Tent and the Mines while it's raining to trigger the scene. (Apparently you play the harp?)
  • At six hearts you'll find Abigail in Pelican Town at night, sitting in the graveyard. You'll learn about her adventuring aspirations.
  • At eight hearts Abigail will send you a letter asking you to stop by her room after 8 pm. This can be tricksy to accomplish depending on the day, as Pierre's General Store closes at 9 pm, and if Abigail's not already inside before 9 pm you'll be out of luck.
  • At ten hearts and handing over a Bouquet you can trigger a scene with Abigail by entering the Mines. After this she'll be eligible to marry via a Mermaid's Pendant.
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