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Stardew Valley pretends to be a 'normal' place, but the layer of normalcy is pretty thin, and beneath it is a weird, mystical world full of monsters, magic, nature spirits, and a gruff, purple-bearded fellow with a nice hat. This last one is the Wizard, and he's one of the more compelling - and strange - inhabitants of the Valley.


The Wizard lives in the Wizard's Tower, on the far western fringes of Stardew Valley, a decent walk away from Marnie's Ranch. He will not open his door to you until you've visited the Community Center and checked out the golden scroll in the western room, at which point he'll send you a letter inviting you to the Tower. From that point onward you can come and go from his odd domicile at will.

(I don't honestly know what happens if you turn the Community Center into a Joja warehouse before visiting the Wizard. Is he blocked off forever? Does anyone know? Give me a shout in the comments.)

Likes and Dislikes

Befitting his quixotic nature, the Wizard tends to like objects that are of a mystical nature. Perhaps the two most convenient items you can bring him are the Solar and Void Essences, which are regular drops late in the Mines. Purple Mushrooms from the Mines are also greatly appreciated. To a lesser degree he'll also accept a wide range of other random stuff, such as gems, Honey, any kind of Wine, and Parsnips.

The Wizard doesn't particularly like anything 'mundane', so regular 'ol produce (besides Parsnips?) won't suit his tastes all that well. He particularly seems to hate most Artifacts, despite how interesting they might seem. Go figure.


The Wizard spends every day and every night cooped up in his Wizard's Tower, and won't leave for any reason besides festivals. He particularly seems to like Spirit's Eve, for obvious reasons. If you see the Wizard outside the Tower then your game is glitching.


  • At four hearts the Wizard will grant you access to a small cupboard in the back room of the Tower. Here you can change your character's appearance.
  • At four hearts the Wizard will also start sending you a variety of Minerals in the mail.

Main Walkthrough