For the most part Pelican Town is a happy little community, and everyone pretty much likes everyone else. The big exception to this is Linus, an odd - but polite - old fellow who lives in the wilds. Linus is homeless, save for his Tent, and it sounds like most people treat him as such. Poor guy.


Linus lives in his Tent, to the north of Pelican Town and just west of the Mines. If you head towards the Carpenter’s Shop and check the landscape to the northeast you’ll find Linus’s Tent on the bluffs overlooking the area. Linus spends the majority of his time in and around his Tent.

Linus’ birthday is on the 3rd of Winter, the first in that season. He’s not terribly open to interacting with you at first, so catching him on his birthday is a quick, easy way to get him to open up a little.

Likes and Dislikes

Linus forages for the majority of his food, and his likes generally reflect this way of living. Pretty much every item he enjoys is some sort of food item, with Dish O’ The Sea, Coconuts, and Cactus Fruits topping out his easily-procured favourites. He’s also happy to accept most other food items, particularly those from your farm, and fish besides Carp usually go over well. There are usually many foraged items growing around his home which you can pick up and deliver to Linus for easy gains.

Linus tends not to value items which little practical value. He won’t express much enthusiasm for valuable gems or artifacts, and he reacts with outright dislike if you try and give him trash items like Stone, Wood, Clay, and Algae.


Linus’ schedule changes throughout the year by increments, though he’s virtually always on the same screen as his Tent, and doesn’t wander any further south unless there’s a festival in progress. If he’s not by his Tent he’ll linger by the lake to the east, either near the Mines or further south, near the lower boundaries of the screen. If you can’t find him outdoors he’s most likely in his Tent. This is particularly true on bad-weather days, where he’ll spend the majority of the day in his Tent.

Linus’ schedule only changes significantly in the Winter, when he’s largely in his Tent throughout the days. He will, however, often make visits to the Spa in the west during the day, returning between 6 pm and 7 pm. He sometimes visits the Spa during the Fall, but not too often.

  • At one heart you can find Linus after 8 pm in central Pelican Town, rooting through trash cans as a suspicious George listens from his home.
  • At three hearts Linus will send you the Sashimi recipe in the mail. He'll also start sending you occasional items, including the aforementioned Sashimi.
  • At four hearts you’ll get a cut scene with Linus at his Tent in the evening. He’ll give you the Wild Bait Crafting recipe.
  • At seven hearts Linus will send you the Fish Taco recipe in the mail.