Fishing isn’t exactly a super-popular sport in Pelican Town, but it’s still present - and if you decide to take up the fine art of fishing you can get everything you need down at the Fish Shop. Willy’s little seaside store is the place to go for fishing gear. That said, though, you need to work on your fishing prowess before he’ll fully open up his stocks…


The Fish Shop is run by Willy, the resident fishing fanatic. He’ll open the shop to you if you visit the beach, south of Pelican Town, during or after the second day of a new game of Stardew Valley. The store is open from 9 am to 5 pm each day, though it’s closed on Saturdays (unless it’s raining, in which case Willy will stay in and keep the Shop open.)

Willy’s fishing supplies are completely dependent on your Fishing Skill, and at first he’ll only have two items for purchase. As you continue to fish and improve your Skill he’ll reveal new stock, and when he brings in new Rods (Fiberglass and Iridium) he’ll send you alerts in the mail. 
  • Trout Soup - 250 gold
  • Bait - 5 gold (level 2 Fishing)
  • Crab Pot - 1,500 gold (level 3 Fishing)
  • Spinner - 500 gold (level 6 Fishing)
  • Trap Bobber - 500 gold (level 6 Fishing)
  • Lead Bobber - 200 gold (level 6 Fishing)
  • Treasure Hunter - 750 gold (level 7 Fishing)
  • Cork Bobber - 750 gold (level 7 Fishing)
  • Barbed Hook - 1,000 gold (level 8 Fishing)
  • Dressed Spinner - 1,000 gold (level 8 Fishing)
  • Bamboo Pole - 500 gold
  • Fiberglass Rod - 1,800 gold (level 2 Fishing)
  • Iridium Rod - 7,500 gold (level 6 Fishing)
In addition to his stock, Willy will purchase any fish and fish-related foraged items (basically anything you can pick up off the beach). This makes fishing on the dock outside his Shop highly desirable, as you can fill up, sell your fish within seconds, and go back to work with a cleared backpack.