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Main Walkthrough

You’ll receive this quest on the 19th of Fall in your first year. Caroline wants a Pumpkin for carving purposes, and she needs you to deliver. She couldn’t ask earlier in the month, naturally.

Pumpkins are a normal crop for Fall, available for purchase at Pierre’s, but they take thirteen days to ripen. You do not have thirteen days until the end of the month. Unless you want to wait an entire year, you’ll need to use Speed-Gro Fertilizer (preferably Deluxe) to get the Pumpkin done in time. Grow several Pumpkins to ensure that at least one of them fully grows before the end of the month.

Take your Pumpkin to Caroline. She lives at Pierre’s General Store, and spends most of her day either at the Store or wandering around Pelican Town central, without moving too far past the main square. She’ll give you 500 gold for the Pumpkin.