One of the most annoying aspects of season management in Stardew Valley is keeping your crops straight. Crops do not cross over between seasons (with one exception - Corn), so you’ll automatically lose any plants that do not survive between one season and the next… that is, unless you have a Greenhouse.

Unlocking the Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is already on your property at the beginning of the game, but it starts out as a half-finished ghost. There are two ways to fully repair the Greenhouse:
  • Complete all of the Community Center Bundles for the Pantry. This requires a lot of Crafting, a lot of growing, and a lot of animal care. You’ll be a fully-fledged farmer by the time you’re done, as it takes at least a year to complete all of these tasks.
  • Assuming you purchased a Jojamart Membership for 5,000 gold, purchase the Greenhouse Community Development for 35,000 gold. 
Either way, you can now enter and use the Greenhouse as much as you please.

Greenhouse Perks

The Greenhouse is a year-round plot of dirt that requires the same maintenance as your outdoor rows. The primary difference is that you can grow Seeds that are normally seasonal at any time of the year. Strawberries in the Winter? Corn in Spring? A Rare Seed any time you want? You can make it happen. Set up Sprinklers or water yourself and watch the magic.

One other important distinction from outside farming: unlike outdoors, where plants wither away and die between seasons, they will not disappear when a month rolls over. Consequently you can set up plants at any time of the year, disregarding the end of the month - and if you set up plants that deliver multiple times, they’ll just keep on yielding new fruits and veggies. Huzzah!