You’ll get this request on the 14th of Summer during your first year. Pam is eager for some boozin’, and she sends you a request by mail for some Pale Ale. Best acquiesce to her request.

Pale Ale needs to be Crafted, and to get it done you’ll need two things:
  • Hops. You can purchase Hops at Pierre’s General Store during Summer. It takes eleven days to grow fully, though once it’s set up on a trellis it will deliver more Hops every two days.
  • A Keg. Kegs require the relatively high Farming level of eight, as well as 30 Wood, one Clay, one Copper Bar, and one Iron Bar. The components aren’t nearly so difficult to grab as getting to level eight, and I’d recommend stowing some Hops in a container and trying in another season, when you’re at a more advanced level.
Pop the Hops in the Keg and a day or two later you’ll have some Pale Ale. Deliver it to Pam (I’m giving it to her just before she drives the bus in the picture above, because that’s wise) to receive a 350 gold reward.