The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Location: White Orchard
Prerequisites: Find Spy’s Notes
Suggested Level: 3
Reward: Assorted treasure

- To trigger this quest you need to find the Spy’s Notes. They’re located at a small, deserted camp in the far northeast of White Orchard. You’re most likely to find it while checking the question marks to the east of the Mill Fast Travel signpost, possibly during the quest Dirty Funds. The question mark you want is the northern-most in this part of the map. Check the map above for a more exact location.

- Aside from some potential Wolves you’ll find this tiny camp abandoned. Check the box in the tent for the Spy’s Notes, then read them to trigger the next stage of the quest.

- The quest marker will send you back towards the Mill Fast Travel signpost, specifically towards the Mill itself. If you wandered through the area earlier there’s a good chance the Deserters inhabiting the Mill took potshots at you, and now you need to go after them and claim their treasure. Some suggestions:
  • These dudes are a step up from the average foes around White Orchard, and can take and dish out damage pretty well on the higher difficulties.
  • If you come at the camp straight through the forest you’ll come out a bit of a distance from the main camp, where most of the enemies are waiting. Take advantage of any dudes on patrol and kill them first.
  • There’s a cabin in the area. You can use it to separate the dudes and prevent them from flanking you. The open area makes it way too easy for the archers to peg you from a distance, making the blocking offered by the cabins especially useful.
  • Not a combat tip, but there’s a chest to loot near the small gazebo-esque structure by the cabin, and the base of the Mill is surrounded by barrels and bags filled with more items.
- Once you’ve offed the defenders, pop inside the house that’s the focus of the yellow area of interest. Inside the house you’ll find a hole in the floor. Drop down, blow open the closed door inside with Aard, and loot the chests inside. Opening one of them will complete the quest.