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Location: Southern White Orchard
Prerequisites: Locate Interrogation Report
Suggested Level: 6
Reward: Sword Diagrams

- You’ll trigger this quest by finding a small camp of Deserters. They’re located in a ruined, red brick watch tower to the southwest of where you start the game, practically within sight of the Ransacked Village Fast Travel signpost. Even at first level the guys guarding the cache are pushovers. Refer to the image above for more accurate directions.

- Once you’ve murdered all the Deserters, check the uppermost area of the watch tower for several chests. Once of them contains the Interrogation Report that triggers the quest, as well as the Serpentine Steel Sword Diagram.

- Read the Report. It will speak of a crypt, and you can find the crypt to the north of White Orchard’s main settlement. If you’re at a lower level when you find this quest, which is highly likely, I recommend completing some of the main quest in White Orchard and getting up to level two or three before pursuing the rest of this quest. It gets tougher.

- Travel to the crypt. It’s just north of the Mill Fast Travel signpost, represented on the map by a question mark within a thin line of surrounding walls. Be ready to fight, as there’s a fiend here looking to ruin your day.

The crypt in The Witcher 3 where you'll complete
Scavenger Hunt - Viper School Gar.

Though considered a normal enemy most of the time, this Wraith is currently tough enough to give you a beating. Most of the time it will float slowly towards you and take one to four swipes at Geralt, and each one does a fair amount of damage, so weaving aside is wise. Not too tricky. The fight gets tricky if you move away from the Wraith, however, as it can swiftly teleport to your flank and swipe at your side. Target the Wraith as often as possible, and roll immediately away from your current position if it teleports. Wait for it to swing, dodge to one side, and give it a few slices. Repeat until it vanishes. Igni works well in this fight if you’re having trouble make the Wraith stay in one place.

- The Wraith was guarding a Place of Power, so take a moment to draw an Ability Point from the stone once the Wraith flees. Then enter the crypt and use Aard to blast open the door. You’ll find a small cellar within where you’ll have to fight the Wraith again. Finish it off.

- Have a look around when the coast is clear. There are a fair number of items inside, but the two you want are the Letter from witcher Kolgrim of the Viper School and Serpentine Silver Sword Diagram, located on a skeleton. It’s on your right as you enter the crypt, shoved up against a wall. Collect both items to complete the quest.