The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Location: White Orchard
Prerequisites: Locate the Scrawled Notes
Suggested Level: 2
Reward: Assorted treasure

- You’ll trigger this quest by finding the quest item Scrawled Notes. You’ll find it in a Hidden Treasure cache in northeastern White Orchard, just east of the Mill Fast Travel signpost. The map attached to this article will help you track it down. There’s a pack of Wolves led by a Warg protecting the chest, so move cautiously.

- (Be sure to check the rest of the cache, as well. There are lots of good items for starting characters.)

- The Scrawled Notes hint at a group of bandits at work around the Mill, though their true cache is deeper in the woods. You’ll find it an almost direct route to the east of here, at another question mark on the map. Watch out for more Wolves along the way. Note, too, that taking a direct route will put you on the wrong side of some steep hills, so tend more to the south.

- (If you check your map you’ll see another question mark between the Hidden Treasure where you started and your destination. Sidetrack here to find an item that will trigger the Treasure Hunt Deserter Gold.)

- Upon arrival you’ll find a camp of Deserters, and they’re not happy to see you. Some tips for taking them down:
  • Stealth isn’t really a thing in this game, so your best bet will be to charge in, because there are a number of archers here that will pelt you if you remain on the periphery for too long. Try to nail them first. They die real quick.
  • Though it’s relatively small, the camp is also a bit spread out. Stick to one area at a time and kill all the enemies who have noticed you before moving on. Don’t draw in too many foes at once. 
  • The treasure you’re looking for is at the rear of the camp, watched over by a shield-bearing Deserter Leader. He’s tougher than his men, and should be encountered solo, if possible. Use either signs of counterattacks to make him drop his shield for a few seconds so you can get in hits. He’s a bit slow, so sidestepping around his clumsy chops can also give you a clear shot at his vitals.
- Once you’ve cleared the camp you can get into the Deserter Leader’s tent. The containers inside and around the tent have a nice collection of swag, but you need to open the small chest to the right of the entrance to end the quest.