The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Location: Herbalist’s house, White Orchard
Prerequisites: Speak to Tomira during The Beast of White Orchard
Suggested Level: 2
Reward: 50 Gold, Venom Extract, Manuscript Page: Cursed Oil, Of Sweat and Blood, XP

- You’ll automatically trigger On Death’s Bed while speaking to Tomira, the herbalist, during the main quest The Beast of White Orchard. Ask about Lena, the woman who got attacked by the Griffin, to receive the quest.

- In order to save / horribly murder Lena you need to brew a draught of Swallow, a Witcher potion. You can do this via the Alchemy menu, but there’s a fair to good chance you don’t have the ingredients you need for Swallow, unless you’ve been picking up every plant you see. You need the following items for Swallow:
  • One Dwarven Spirit - May be found in chests, bags, anything lootable. Vendors also sell it.
  • Five Celandine - Found in the wild. I found it in decent abundance in the fields surrounding Tomira’s house, particularly across the road to the east.
  • One Drowner Brain - Found by killing Drowners. You can find them hanging out on beaches, and sometimes in the water itself. It may take a few kills for a Drowner to yield up its Brain.
For those of you who are feeling lazy, you can purchase the Dwarven Spirit and the five Celandine from Tomira herself. You’ll still have to find the Brain on your own, though.

- Brew up the Swallow once you have the ingredients and talk to Tomira again. She’ll fork over a reward and end the quest.