The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Main Walkthrough

Location: Velen - Oxenfurt
Prerequisites: Gain access to Oxenfurt
Suggested Level: None
Reward: XP

- To trigger this quest you must first get into Oxenfurt. The front door is locked, and you need a Transit Pass to get in properly. If you don’t mind going for a dip, though, you can get inside just by swimming over to the island. The Notice Board will give you the quest.

- The quest will point you far to the south of Oxenfurt to Benek, a small village not far from Crookback Bog. Here you’ll find an Old Sage, standing outside a house, Speak to him and he’ll offer to give you a vision of the future in exchange for some food. Hand over a morsel and he’ll give you a prediction that does not satisfy Geralt a bit.

- The Old Sage will then ask you for some Dragonsroot. Agree and he’ll send you southeast of Berek to a small cave. There’s a search area inside guarded by a small squad of low-level Ghouls. Kill them off, then use your Witcher Senses to check along the eastern wall. There’s some Dragonsroot tucked against the rock.

- Take the Dragonsroot back to the old man. This completes the quest, and you get a weird prophecy for your troubles. 

Main Walkthrough