The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Main Walkthrough

Location: Velen - Oxenfurt
Prerequisites: Gain access to Oxenfurt
Suggested Level: 13
Reward: Varies; see below

- You’ll gain this quest by checking the Notice Board of Oxenfurt. The Board is in the north of the city. Getting into Oxenfurt requires a Transit Pass of some kind… or, uh, the ability to swim.

- Once you’ve accepted the quest you’ll be sent to a small chain of connected islands to the west of Oxenfurt. Hop in a boat in the north or south of Oxenfurt and sail over to the island and you’ll find the remains of White Eagle Fort. You’re told to search around, but you’ll find what you’re looking for pretty quickly: a singing Rock Troll.

- For the record, Rock Trolls are adorable.

- The Rock Troll explains the situation. Sorta. Once he’s done talking - about eating dead people, specifically - you need to make a decision:
  • If you agree that ‘war time rules’ are fair you’ll be corralled into helping the Rock Troll with a small arts and crafts project. This will take you back to Oxenfurt to buy some paint for the Troll. You’ll get some XP and a bunch of crafting items for helping the Troll.
  • If you think the Rock Troll is dangerous you’ll get into a fight with the brutish fellow. The Troll is hefty and hits hard, but he’s so slow that his attacks are fairly easy to avoid. Keep at mid-range, wait for him to swing at you or throw a rock, sidestep, and attack. Axii works really well to keep him off-balance here. He has lots of health, so this might take a while, but he’s not difficult to kill. The loot on his body is the main prize.
- Regardless of your choice you’ll end the quest after dealing with the Rock Troll. Check around his little camp for some items in containers before you take off.

Main Walkthrough