The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Location: Velen - Lindenvale
Prerequisites: None
Suggested Level: 10
Reward: 240+ gold, XP

- You’ll find this quest on the Notice Board of Lindenvale, a small village in Velen. It’s located to the southwest of Mulbrydale, the closest settlement to where you get started in the region. 

- You’ll find the contractor, the Gravedigger, on the east side of Lindenvale, right by the edge of town. He’ll describe the situation, and you can haggle if you want a little extra for doing the job. Agreeing will set the Contract in motion.

- Head out to the nearby cemetery of Lindenvale, to the east a short ways and up a steep hill. You’ll find a pack of Rabid Dogs waiting around the church; fight them off, then trigger your Witcher Senses. There are a few items of interest about - including a chest inside the tiny crypt on the grounds - but the main item of interest is a dug-up grave found along the southern wall in the cemetery.

- Checking the grave will trigger a scent trail. Follow the trail south, across a broken bridge, down a dirt trail, and over to a lonely little hut. With Senses still active, check the owl, pot, and femur inside the hut, then take the Grave Hag Skull from the femur. Then return to the graveyard and place the Skulls on the stone monument. Battle!


Not too bad a battle. Mourntart (what a name that is) is similar to a Water Hag in combat speed and range, though her attacks are a bit more sudden, and she delivers more of them at a time. Mourntart spends the battle trying to close in on you, and will use either her claws to slash at you or her tongue to hit you at a greater distance. The tongue is the worse weapon, as you won’t see it coming as easily as the claws, but it doesn’t get used as often either. Sidestep around Mourntart’s incoming attacks and use Axii to stun her. Once she’s stunned, get behind her and hit her three or four times. Back off and repeat. She won’t take too long to kill.

- Loot Mourntart’s corpse after taking her down - she has some decent loot, including an Addan Deith and the Grave Hag Trophy you need for the quest - then head back to the Gravedigger to complete the quest.