The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Main Walkthrough

Location: Velen - Army Group ‘Center’ Camp
Prerequisites: None
Suggested Level: 7
Reward: 50 gold, XP

- You’ll find this quest at the large Army Group camp in the far southeast corner of Velen. Check the Notice Board upon arrival to trigger it, then speak to the petitioner, the Quartermaster, in the tent beside the Board.

- Leave the Camp and head west, past the House of Respite and into the bogs to the northwest. It’s not an incredible distance to travel, but it can be dangerous, as there’s a Hidden Treasure spot along the way that’s guarded by a high-level (22!) Fiend. It probably won’t go after you if you slink by quickly, but be careful anyway.

- You’ll find a camp at the end of the trail, and a large circle of interest will trigger on approach. Check near the tent you find with your Witcher Senses to discover a large collection of footprints. Follow them - it’s pretty easy - and as they wind west you’ll catch wind of a scent. Follow it a short distance into the forest to the south to find a conspicuous plant, then head back to the trail once you’ve found the plant.

- Near the end of the trail you’ll find a body. Check it and Geralt will decide that a Draconid is somewhere nearby. Follow the trail the rest of the way and the beast will be waiting for you.


Decently powerful. The Wyvern is a mixed ground-and-airborne opponent, and though it stalks about somewhat slowly on the ground it can get rather nimble when it takes to the air. Watch for its quick strikes and wait for the beast to try and take off. Once it starts to fly, use Aard to knock it out of the air and onto the ground. You can then rush in and stab it a few times before it gets up again. Repeat until dead.

- Collect the Wyvern’s swag - notably the Wyvern Trophy - and head back to the Quartermaster for your reward.

Main Walkthrough