The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Location: Velen - House of Respite
Prerequisites: None
Suggested Level: 12
Reward: 50 gold, XP

- You can trigger this quest by travelling to the House of Respite and / or the Nilfgaardian Army Group ‘Center’ Camp, both of which are found in the far southeast corner of Velen. It’s a bit of a trip across boggy terrain.

- Upon arrival a quest will appear in a small outlying camp between the House of Respite signpost and the camp in the south. Check it to find a woman who will ask you to inquire about her son, who went missing while soldiering with the Nilfgaardians.

- Head to the Camp and speak to the Quartermaster, whose tent is right beside the Notice Board. Speak to him and he’ll tell you the missing soldier’s unit was ambushed in the nearby swamp - though he needs some convincing first. You have three options:
  • Bribe him 100 gold.
  • Use advanced Axii (second or third level) to loosen his tongue.
  • Compete the quest Contract: Patrol Gone Missing. You can find it on the Notice Board outside his tent.
- A large area of interest will appear to the northwest once you have the info. Approach it from the road to the east and you can find a dead horse and some footprints with your Witcher Senses. Follow the footprints into the battlefield and you’ll find Ghouls waiting for a fight; kill ‘em off.

- There’s a dangling body at the end of the footprints. It’s probably the one Geralt wants, but he needs a bit more. Check near the base of the scaffold where the man’s hanging to find an Unsent Letter sitting in the dirt. Take this back to the woman for your reward.