The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Location: White Orchard
Prerequisites: Check the Notice Board
Reward: 25 gold, XP

- First off, check White Orchard’s Notice Board. It’s the first one you’ll come across in the game, right in the centre of town, more or less.

- The quest then directs you to find one Dune Vildenvert. You’ll find him in the Ransacked Village you crossed through with Vesemir at the beginning of the game. it’s to the southeast of White Orchard. Dune is sitting outside a house with a dog. Speak to him and you can offer to help him find his brother, who went missing during a battle.

- (If you want some goodies, look at the beach near Dune’s home. There are several Drowners down here protecting two chests with a bunch of stuff inside. Watch out for the exploding barrels while fighting the creatures.)

- Follow Dune northeast. (There’s a Monster Nest you can destroy that’s surrounded by Ghouls along the way, if you wish - check the question mark to the east of the road.) Speak to him and he’ll take you into a nearby battlefield. Your first priority should be killing Ghouls, as there are a few of them lurking hereabouts. Wander around and kill any that come at you before you bother searching.

- Once the Ghouls are cleared, use your Witcher Senses. The many corpses hereabouts have lots of kinda useless items - mainly Blunt Axes and Rusty Novigraad Swords - but some of them have more useful things as well such as Water or Ashes. Worth checking the area over for Water, at least, if you want to save money on healing supplies.

- You’re specifically looking for shields with white flowers painted on them. There are four or five such shields littering the battlefield, each appearing red in your Witcher Senses, but the one you want is in roughly the southwest ‘corner’ of the yellow circle of interest on your map, sort of off to the side of everything else. Skim along the edges of the circle if you have trouble finding it. Once you’ve IDed the scent, Hussar, the dog, will rush off.

- With Senses still active, follow Hussar through the trees. (You can follow footprints instead if you lose him.) He’ll lead you to a cabin where you’ll find the brother along with a soldier. You’re given two options; either one will end the quest.

Fun Fact: It’s possible to find this cabin before undertaking the quest normally, in which case you need to find Dune rather than Bastien. The results are pretty much the same, though the soldier doesn’t live.