The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
Images used for educational purposes only.

Location: White Orchard
Prerequisites: Speak to Willis
Reward: 20 gold, variable experience

- You’ll gain access to Twisted Firestarter as soon as you hit White Orchard for the first time. Look for Willis, a dwarf, just south of the Notice Board. He wants you to find whatever jerk set fire to his forge.

- Look around back of his forge with your Witcher Senses activated. Aside from some White Myrtle Petals you’ll find bootprints, glowing red under your sight. Inspect and follow them until they lead you to the bridge on the east end of White Orchard. You’ll find his boots, along with some blood, if you duck under the bridge and check the other side.

- Follow the footprints back into the village. They’ll take you to a house. You’ll find your man, a dude named Napp, in a room on your left. He’ll try to bribe you into keeping quiet. If you agree he’ll give you 20 gold and some experience, and you’ll have to return to Willis to report your failure. This ends the quest.

- If, on the other hand, you refuse to be bribed, Napp will get violent. You can either use Axii to calm him down, which earns more experience, or just beat his face in, which is more satisfying. You’ll send him on his way to Willis regardless of your method. (Don't wait for Napp to stumble back, he takes forever. Run back to Willis on your own.)

- Talk to Willis. He’ll give you 20 gold for your troubles. He’ll also open up his shop as an armorer, and you’ll receive a discount on his services. (You won’t get this discount if you accepted the bribe from Napp, however.)