The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Location: White Orchard
Prerequisites: None
Reward: 5 Baked Apples, 5 Baked Breads, 5 Apple Juices, XP

- To trigger this quest you need to come within spitting distance of a specific house. It’s a waterside hut to the northwest of the main town, a fairly quick ride west of the inn. You can find it predictably enough just by heading west along the water from Woesong Bridge. (Check the map above if you can't find it.)

- Speak to the old woman standing outside and she’ll bewail the loss of her pan. Yes, her pan. Accept her contract, such as it is, then inspect the door of the house with your Witcher’s Senses. Use Aard to blow the door down.

- There’s a fair amount of items sitting inside if you poke through all of the containers in the hut, and you’ll find the Frying Pan sitting on a table near the back. There’s a corpse to investigate, a Silver Monocle on the ground, and some Burned Letters in the stove. Check them all.

- Return to the old woman for your reward. Nice and easy.