The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Part Nine: The Whispering Hillock

Main Walkthrough

Location: Velen - Crow’s Perch
Prerequisites: Complete The Nilfgaardian Connection
Suggested Level: 6
Reward: XP

- To trigger this quest you must complete The Nilfgaardian Connection and read the ledger of the dead spy. Once you do you’ll gain two main story quests, one of which is Bloody Baron.

- Bloody Baron will lead you to Crow’s Perch, one of the larger settlements in Velen. You’ll find it southeast of Heatherton, where The Nilfgaardian Connection ended. The walled village has a few basic amenities waiting for you, though you won’t find the most important stuff (Notice Board and smithing services) until you get past the fortress’s inner gate. Easy enough to do - just watch a cut scene. Note that you can’t get in here until you’re doing this quest.

- The above route will only work if you did not kill the guards back at The Inn at the Crossroads. If you did you’ll be denied entry. Head back to the village and you’ll find an old man waiting who can give you advice on how to reach the inner area - though he’ll do it for 15 gold. You can manage it by hopping into the moat surrounding Crow’s Perch and looking for a hidden, underwater entrance on the northwest side. This will take you onto the grounds. Watch out for a Water Hag as you head underground.

- Either follow the Sergeant or follow the waypoint to meet the Bloody Baron himself. A lengthy cut scene will confirm that Ciri has been here. This segues into another short quest, where you take control of Ciri (again, if you’ve already played through the Ladies of the Wood bit).

Ciri’s Story: The King of the Wolves

- Easy peasy. Follow the river near the starting point a ways until you hit a gaggle of Wolves. Kill them off with quick sword strikes. Follow the little girl you save, Gretkza, for a little while, kill off yet more Wolves, and watch a cut scene.

- Investigate. Ciri’s got mad skillz.

- You now need to acquire three items: one Dog Tallow, two Fool’s Parsley, and three Wolfsbane. You can collect all three along the path. Dog Tallow is gathered from dead Wolves; Fool’s Parsley appears as tall, white flowers; Wolfsbane appears as tall, purple flowers. Easy to find the lot as you follow Gretka.

- Tag Gretka until you reach a cave. Here you’ll find the King of Wolves. Though branded as a boss it’s pretty easy to beat, thanks to Ciri’s crazy speed skills. Killing it ends the quest and brings you back to Bloody Baron - though by now you’re already on to a new quest, Family Matters.

Part Eleven: Family Matters

Main Walkthrough