The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Location: Velen
Prerequisites: Complete Wandering in the Dark
Suggested Level: 7
Reward: Varies; see below

- You’ll find this quest at the remains of Wastrel Manor, just south of the Fast Travel signpost of the same name. Wastrel Manor is southwest of Crow’s Perch, one of the major storyline cities in the area, and you’ll most likely come here if you pursue Keira Metz’s side quests - specifically, a Favor For a Friend. The horse ride will take you right past this quest marker.

- You’ll find two commoners arguing in the midst of the ruins of the Manor. Speak to them and they’ll tell you of their ‘Allgod’, a deity who normally protects them - but which has become fickle since their offerings dried up.

- Address the wooden carving a few feet away from the peasants. The Allgod doesn’t seem interested in what you have to say. Use your Witcher Senses once the conversation is over and inspect a fallen basket near the carving. This will give Geralt a scent to follow - though you don’t exactly have to look far, as there’s an illusion hiding a staircase ‘round the northern corner of the Manor’s remains.

- The ‘Allgod’ is a hefty Sylvan. He’s pretty much conning the peasants. You can deal with this situation in a few different ways:
  • Attack and kill the Allgod. Aside from some stomping about and a fire attack or two he’s a pretty easy opponent, and he has some decent loot on his corpse. Be sure to check the containers in his small room for more items. Beyond that you get some XP.
  • Threaten the Allgod into accepting lesser offerings. He’ll get snippy, but he’ll agree. The peasants will give you 50 gold.
  • Tell the Allgod to maintain his charade. Again, 50 gold.
Overall you get the best deal if you take out the Allgod and steal his stuff, though that won’t exactly please the peasants. If the creature is still alive you can alert the peasants to his staircase, though they won’t be in a good way if you come back a day later.