The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Location: Velen - Downwarren
Prerequisites: None
Suggested Level: 12
Reward: 242+ gold, XP

- You’ll find this Contract posted on the Notice Board in Downwarren, in the southeast of Velen. You’ll wind up in this village during the Ladies of the Wood main story quest, so don’t worry too much about having to locate it on your own. (Though its location is on the map above, if you really want to get there on your own.)

- The contractor is located well outside Downwarren. To find him you need to head southwest and into boggy areas that are filled with Drowners and the occasional Water Hag. Move cautiously. If you’ve already been through enough of Ladies of the Wood you’ll find The Orphans of Crookback Bog, a nearby Fast Travel signpost, a fair bit closer to your destination.

- The petitioner, a dude named Leslav, will warn you about a monster. Ask him about details, and, if you wish, gouge him for more gold. Leslav will point you south once you’ve got your money issues settled.

- You’ll find a small gang of Drowners hanging out at your destination, a smallish circle of interest. Kill them off, then use your Witcher Senses around the middle of the circle to find a body and some masked tracks. Follow the waypoint west and you’ll find a fog that will start to choke Geralt; speed through it to the building in the distance.

- Check the corpse beside the building for clues (and loot the nearby containers, if you like), then run into the next, larger circle of interest. More fog, more choking. Check the rocky rise that stretches along the water to the west with your Witcher Senses and you can find a hidden cave. Dispel the illusion to gain entrance.

- Take a right at the first intersection and you’ll find a Foglet waiting. Kill the bastard and you’ll find a path leading back to the surface, and this one doesn’t lead into poisonous fog. Handy.

- Head back to the hidden entrance and go left this time. You’ll hit a cut scene as you enter the fog, and your opponent will appear.

Ignis Fatuus

Yikes. Ignis Fatuus isn’t much different from normal Foglets, but he hits so much harder. You need to be very careful not to get caught flat-footed by this thing, because even on a lower difficulty level it will only take a few hits from the Foglet’s claws to go down permanently. Use Axii to stun Ignis, which will stun him long enough for you to dash over, then hit him three times. Back away immediately after the third stroke, as he’ll smack you one if you try for a fourth. Pull back, wait for Axii to recharge, and repeat. Ignis will summon weak, one-hit Foglets throughout the match; hit these only if Ignis is far enough away to not be an issue. Aside from making you stagger a little they do next to no damage.

Having trouble? You can be cheap, if you like. Ignis likes to become incorporeal if you’re down in the fog, but if you back up the way you entered it will appear and roam around. You can use this opportunity Axii and stun it, then zip down and smack the creep. Repeat this until he dies. A little time-consuming, but not very risky, as Ignis will always retreat back into the fog.

- Collect Ignis’s swag, including a Foglet Trophy, and head back to Leslav via the northeastern route. (Check around for a chest as you leave, as well.) If you settled for the initial payment the quest will end. If you asked for more Ignis will beg you to wait a week, and if you do so (basically just meditate seven times for twenty-four hours) you'll actually get double the normal amount. Sweet.