The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt created by CD Projekt Red.
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Location: Velen - Crow’s Perch
Prerequisites: Begin Bloody Baron
Suggested Level: 8 (though honestly I’d rate this around a 10 or 11, at least)
Reward: 250+ gold, XP

- To begin this Contract you must first gain access to the inner keep of Crow’s Perch. This requires beginning Bloody Baron, and getting most of the way through the quest. You can do this relatively soon after you arrive in Velen, though there are a few main quests that need to be completed first. The Contract is on the Notice Board, right beside the gate into the main keep.

- The Contract’s issuer, Chet, lives in Crow’s Perch, near the bridge into the keep. Speak to him for details and to haggle. You can find someone who knows more, a little boy named Symko, out back of Chet’s hut; use Axii to calm the boy a touch for more experience.

- Leave Crow’s Perch and check the east side of the moat surrounding the keep. Once you arrive at the area of interest, use your Witcher Senses near the water’s edge to find a body and tracks. Follow the tracks and blood north along the edge of the moat. They’re sporadic at times, but so long as you take to the higher ground and keep checking the grass you’ll find them.

- A quick walk northeast of the Burned Ruins (northeast side of Crow’s Perch) you’ll find a cave, back down on the beach. A quick walk inside the cave you’ll find heaps of bones, all of them carrying money… but no monster. Look up with your Witcher Senses and you’ll discover that the monster is in here - it’s just out of reach.

- Use either a Samum, Grapeshot, or Dancing Star bomb in the cave. You need to lob it at the small ledge above the skeletons. Doing so will drive the creature out of the cave. Chase it down across the fields and it will land to confront you once you reach the spot where it circles.


Cockatrice! This can be a nasty battle. The Shrieker is a little slow-looking at first, but it has several quick rush attacks and a long range, even though it’s exclusively melee in nature. It doesn’t fly away anymore, fortunately, but that’s only small consolation, as it keeps on your constantly throughout the fight. Expect shorter-range, quicker slashes with its wings, longer-range thrusts if you try to maintain distance, and the occasional swooping attack that you need to sidestep. Note that rolling is almost mandatory here, as sidesteps alone typically do not allow you to avoid the Shrieker’s attacks. If you do get hit, which is likely, the Shrieker’s attacks will inflict a temporary bleeding effect that you should staunch or otherwise heal away as quickly as possible.

Your options depend on your build, but signs that stun are crucial for bringing it down. Axii is one of the better choices once you have a lock on the thing, as you can use it to drop the Cockatrice out of the air and keep it pinned for several seconds while you rush in and slash. Aard gives similar results, and the stunning lasts a bit longer to boot, though it’s harder to knock the Shrieker out of the air. Get behind the beast, take a stab or two, and back off again once it recovers. Repeat this process until it dies. If you have good reflexes you can roll under its longer-range attacks, though the timing takes some practice. Potions to increase your damage will make killing the thing a quicker fight, though it’s still likely to take a little while.

You'll get plenty of items from the Shrieker, most of them Cockatrice-themed. The main one you need is the Cockatrice Trophy.

- Upon beating the Shrieker (and, of course, collecting the bounty) you can return to Chet for your reward - though if you want you can let him keep the money. Doing this will grant you more experience in return. Your call on which you want more.