- Hey, look, an open square! Seems familiar. This ‘town’ is pretty bland, because there’s nothing in the trash bins and most of the buildings are locked. The W. Bank, a massive building to the north, bars entry; we’ll get to it in a moment.

- The two exceptions to the locked door policy are the Church in the southeast and a small home in the northwest. Visit the Church first and the Pastor inside will ask you to collect a tithe from the home. There are four men inside; the one that doesn’t move is the Collector, and he’ll drop $2,000 when killed. The other three are Hobos who will attack you… and probably die in a hurry. Returning the money to the Pastor will, y’know, subtract the money, though you’ll get an achievement in exchange. Check the northeastern wall of the Church to find a crack in the wall leading to three Reva-Vivas.

- The main entrance of the W. Bank is closed, but there are Right and Left Wings to the east and west, respectively. The CEO in the rear of the Right Wing will task you with collecting on a contract from the CEO of the West Wing, who will attack you as CEO Nantz. Nantz isn’t much harder than the Hobos, though he can hit both of your characters at once. Speak to the Right Wing CEO and he’ll give you a Ducky Tie for completing the deed. The CEO will also give you a Sack of Money and a Cool Card; these items will let you get into W. Bank.

- (You can also skip this method completely by checking one of the bushes to the left of the main entrance. It will take you into W. Bank and remove the NPC standing in front of the Bank completely.)

- The dude you’re looking for, Maurice, is on the right side of the W. Bank’s Lobby. He is… not generous. Before looking around too much, check to the northwest; in a small nook beside the main stairs you’ll find a crack in the wall. Inside you’ll find $1,000.

The most awkward moment in Suits: A Business RPG.
So... much... manflesh...
- The opposite, northeast nook has a safe, attended by a man who wants a Thermal Drill. Speaking to him will trigger an NPC outside W. Bank to show up. He’ll steal $500 for the Drill. Speak to the dude by the safe to set the Drill up. You’ll then have to wait five minutes to get through. There are occasional text boxes, so keep an eye on your screen. Be prepared, too, to face a contingent of four Guards on four separate occasions while you’re waiting. You’ll ultimately receive $6,000 for enduring the threat of weird perversion.

- The W. Bank opens up a bit on the second floor. To your left is an NPC vendor who will offer upgrades to your equipment, as well as some more advanced healing items and new explosives for Jerome to hurl. A vending machine to the south sells a few of the same things, so you can safely ignore it… though you’ll want to check the crack in the wall beside the machine. The, uh, collection of shirtless men inside… will… take your shirt. And put it back. And take it again! Right then.

- The NPC standing beside the aforementioned crack will ask you to deal with an ‘illegal alien’ living in a house in the Financial District. It’s the first house on your left as you head north from the entrance of the District, ignoring the home in the southwest corner. The Alien you fight inside has the potential to be tough, but… it just sucks too much. Smack it down with normal attacks. The NPC who sent you on this quest will give you $10,000 for killing the Alien, and you’ll get an achievement to boot.

- There are three elevators on the second floor. Trying to hop on the middle elevator will bring three Bankers in to attack you. They’re reasonably tough enemies, and can drain your health, but don’t have enough health to last more than a few rounds. 

- The elevator leads to the 34th floor. More Bankers block your path ahead, but they fight your individually and are no real threat. Beyond here is a series of staircases; here you’ll start fighting random enemies, more specifically groups of Fat Cats. They just… hit you. No big deal, and they drop lots of money to boot. If you tend to take a lot of damage in combat, use this place to horde up money for Sandwiches.

- The stairs lead to the roof. Check a crate near the door for a Sandwich. Answer the phone if you like, then confront the trio of dudes blocking the north of the roof.

Money Man, of Suits: A Business RPG.
One of them almost looks normal.
Money Man / Infinity

Despite appearing as three enemies, this is a single boss. Money Man only uses normal attacks, but he / them can use three in a single round, which is painful for the target. Staple Down will help you avoid excess damage if paralysis manages to stick. Do enough damage and Money Man changes to Infinity, which is nigh-identical in terms of attacks - it just uses five per turn instead of three. Ouch. Staple Down remains effective. (If you get lucky, Infinity may waste a turn on String Theory. Thank god it just doesn’t work.)

Besting Money Man and Infinity will allow you to drop through a gap in the rail surrounding the top of W. Bank. This will drop you into Under City.