Suits - A Business RPG created by Technomancy Studios.
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Part Two: Office District

Main Walkthrough

- The Law District is your second major stop in Suits. Similar to the Office District, it boasts a large number of NPCs in its first area, right after you step off the train. You’ll find the following points of interest here:
  • To the west of the entrance is an NPC who will give you a Tasty Sandwich in the creepiest way possible. Speak to him again and he’ll give you $200.
  • There are a few baskets to the east. One near a statue of a gavel contains a Sandwich.
  • The crates in the northwest contain Bottled Water and $100. Also over here are two trash bins; if you check the middle top bin you’ll find a copy of Shot In The Dark, whereas the lower bin is inhabited by Hobo Bo, a strong - but straightforward - mini-boss of sorts. Staple Down will stop him from hitting you quite nicely. Hobo Bo drops Steroids when defeated.
  • An NPC is tucked up against the northeast corner of the Law District’s central building, and speaking to him will give you a few options. The first two will send you into a bizarre drug-scape where you’ll find lots of weird NPCs, but nothing of tangible worth besides an achievement. (If you come back here under different circumstances - I think you need to beat the game once, but I'm not positive - this place changes radically, and you'll fight some whacked-out enemies inside.) Choose the third option and he’ll offer to sell you Steroids and Speed, two reeeeeally good one-shot buffs that also have some terrible side effects. Just like real life!
  • There’s a crack in the surrounding wall of the Law District in the northeast corner. The central NPC inside this hidden room will give you $5,000. The second text option after you receive the money results in less tragedy.
- The central building, a courthouse of sorts, has three doors. Each door leads to a different wing.
  • The western door leads to the Left Wing. Speak to the leader - the stationary dude in the north - and he’ll give you Abortion Pills. Ooookay.
  • The eastern door leads to the Right Wing. There’s another leader here Give him the Pills and he’ll give you Guns. Bring these back to the leader of the Left Wing and he’ll give you $1,000.
  • The central door leads to the Lobby. The receptionist here will direct you to a hallway in the back. Check the machines in the northeast corner of the Lobby for a Reva-Viva before entering the courtroom.
A court case in Suits: A Business RPG.
It's as surreal as you'd expect.
- The hallway branches in two directions in the north. Take a right to start. The first NPC you see is a vendor with some new equipment and the usual restorative items; stock up as necessary. Through the next set of double doors you’ll find another hallway, within which you can find Court B. Check the Basketball by the northern net to fight it, then best it in battle (easy, so long as you have up-to-date equipment) to earn a Basketball. Give it to the nearby NPC for $500 and an achievement. Continuing right will loop around to the western wing of the building.

- Back to the entrance. Take a left at the T-junction and you’ll find a useless Security Room, as well as double doors leading to another hallway. The courtroom here will net you an amusing Achievement. Back in the hallway and to the left of the court is a crack in the wall; check it for a dude who will give you seven Sandwiches. Yes, they’re just normal Sandwiches.

- Both pathways loop to the same hallway, Hallway C, where your court is located. Before popping inside, check the bathroom in the west. A dude in the stall here will ask you to fetch Toilet Paper from a supply closet, which is in the east. Do so and you’ll wind up fighting Fecal Frankie, a relatively straightforward monster. Besting Fecal Frankie will net you a Fecal Case for The Guy.

- Pop into the courtroom. Everything is nice and straightforward. Once the case is done, try to leave the courthouse. You’ll be stopped on the way out.

The Guards of Suits: A Business RPG.
They're so delightfully inverted.

This is a boss fight mainly because there are a lot of these guys, and even with state-of-the-art equipment they hit pretty hard. It’s still a fairly straightforward battle - hit them until they go down, really - but you need to be careful with your health. Jerome is useful here with his Stapler Storm Tech, as he’ll hit everyone at once for decent damage. You'll occasionally get hit by paralysis from their Tasers, but the move seems to miss far more often than it hits.

- The Guards will be gone, but the doors are still locked. Walk back inside the courthouse and check the Security Room on your left from the entrance. You’ll have to fight one more Guard to open the front door of the place - and even then, you have another boss to fight.

Chief Justice in Suits: A Business RPG.
Ban hammers?
Chief Justice

Ouchies. Now this is a boss. In addition to hitting hard normally, Chief Justice can lower your defence to make his attacks even more potent, as well as utilize ’Hammer Time’ to hit a single character twice. Depending on your health this can be enough to kill one of your characters. Staple Down is absolutely vital to winning this fight with a minimum of fuss, as it seems to stick to Chief Justice rather nicely. Otherwise, be ready to heal often. You’ll get a Tasty Sandwich for besting Chief Justice.

Think you’re done? Not yet. Heal up if need be, ‘cause a familiar-ish face is waiting outside the courthouse.

Nooooo, not Floyd! I loved you, man!
Floyd Roberts

Yikes. Floyd has two attacks: either he hits you normally or he drinks his coffee, which ups his defence. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, except his defence boosts are cumulative. Eventually Floyd’s defences will be so potent that you won’t be able to hurt him. You can either use Taunt to pull his defence back down again, which works fairly well, or you can hurl Cheap Bombs to inflict 60 damage apiece, regardless of his defence. Either way, use Staple Down to paralyze him when possible, and heal as needed. Floyd hits really hard. Floyd drops a Reva-Viva when killed.

- He also drops / gives you a Station 3 Ticket. This will allow you to head to the Financial District, your third stop on the trip. Looks like your job prospects have imploded on you.

Part Four: Financial District

Main Walkthrough