Suits - A Business RPG created by Technomancy Studios.
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Behold, the mighty Suits City! The epitome of big business, this sprawling, glorious metropolis is a testament to the power, prestige, and good-will of enterprising CEOs everywhere. But what's this? Someone wishes to challenge the natural order? Well that's just no good.

Suits - A Business RPG is a tongue-in-cheek look at a world run by big business. It isn't pretty. Created by Technomancy Studios and distributed on Steam, it will force you to rethink the economics of economics, and push you to wonder just how many damned sandwiches you can fit in your pockets. (The answer: A lot.)

Main Walkthrough

Part One: Business School
Part Two: Office District
Part Three: Law District
Part Four: Financial District
Part Five: Under City
Part Six: Post Office
Part Seven: The Factories
Part Eight: Food District
Part Nine: Media District


Easter Eggs