Suits - A Business RPG created by Technomancy Studios.
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Part One: Business School

Main Walkthrough

- You’ll get off the train from the Station in a residential area with plenty of NPCs milling about, along with some houses. You’ll find $100 in a crate in the southwestern house; a cumulative $300 in the southeastern house; a battle with a Ratking that will earn you an achievement in the northwestern house (and an easy battle, at that - just smack it with Case Toss twice); and product placement in the northeastern house. Stupid doorknobs.

- The Office District spreads out a bit as you head north. To the west is an enormous, looping Bike Shop, and if you head south and keep wandering left or right you’ll eventually find a trash can that contains a THING THAT CAN GET YOU TO COME TO ME. This will net you a new party member, so don't forget it!

- Next to the stairs that lead further north is a vendor NPC. You probably can’t afford his wares now, but once you earn more money he has some modest upgrades to your equipment, as well as some other items. A few of them hint at a party member whom you don’t have yet. Soon!

- In the far east, past a few useless homes, you’ll find one house that apparently smells raunchy. There are two Sandwiches in the crates here, as well as a straaaange painting. You can ‘enter’ the painting to appear in a bizarre realm of slant-faced people standing around a building. This is CASTLE GOGO, and its owner waits for you inside. (Unless you want to spend money, I don’t recommend entering this place until you’re at level four or so. You can’t leave until you win the next battle. Save outside the painting, not inside, unless you’re convinced of victory.)

GO-GO Runny Man in Suits: A Business RPG.
True to name, he runs. Fast.
GO-GO Runny Man

Huh. Okay. GO-GO is a simplistic opponent, using either a normal attack that does around 30 points of damage or a rushing attack that does around 40. The rushing attack has a good chance of knocking you down and incapacitating you for a round, as well, which gets quite annoying. Use Taunt to lower GO-GO’s defences, then a combo of normal attacks and Case Tosses until he goes down. Heal with Sandwiches as necessary. If you’re stuck and really struggling, use P2W to take GO-GO down in one hit.

- Back outside and to the north you’ll find a laaaaarge office building. Check the left side of it for a crack in the wall; it contains an ominous note. That done, head inside the main building. The dude behind the desk will ask you to burn some Tax Fraud Papers for him; you’ll get the chance to do it soon enough.

- Use the elevator to get to the 14th floor. Your boss, Floyd, is at the end of the hall. and he’ll give you an assignment to carry out. Check around the room for Papers 1. After you speak to him you’ll be able to access different floors of this office building via the elevator. You’ll find the following on each:
  • 13th: If you haven’t visited the Bike Shop and retrieved the THING THAT CAN GET YOU TO COME TO ME you’ll find nothing here. With that item, however, you can create a path leading to Jerome, who will promptly force his way into your party. Yay, a friend! Jerome has some useful Techs, but his defences suck. Get him some new threads (the ‘Pretty’ stuff) from the vendor outside the office building once you have more money.
  • 52nd: Looks like shacks; one of them contains the malefactor you’re looking for, but you can’t get in yet. At the end of the row of shacks you’ll find an open room containing a dude named Wife Beater Peter. Peter is not nice, and he hits pretty hard, but if you picked up Jerome you can use Staple Down to incapacitate Peter for the majority of rounds. Smack him down to earn an achievement.
  • Roof: Up here you’ll find a dude on your left who will give you a Crowbar. If you check the rear of the elevator you can find a hidden path to the Kiss of Judy, which is basically an achievement in item form. The bushes up here are amusing if you check them all.
A Lost Tie in Suits: A Business RPG.
They're some of the weakest enemies.
- Return to the first floor. Now that you’ve wandered around you can access ‘B’ from the elevator, aka the Basement. The first room down here contains several crates with two Sandwiches and $200 cumulative. You can destroy the box blocking the southern path with the Crowbar.

- Beyond this point you’ll start running into enemies randomly, so be ready to fight. You’ll meet the following foes down here:
  • Coffee Mugs. Simple enough - they hit physically. Jerome’s group attacks are quite handy if you meet them in clusters, which happens often enough.
  • Lost Ties. Basically upgraded versions of Coffee Mugs. Strong enough, but not overwhelming. 
I recommend spending some time down here to build up a little cash reserve so you can buy items back in the Financial District. Enemies dodge often enough that no battle is a 100% guaranteed win, and you should have lots of healing items on hand at all times. In particular you want one or two Reva-Vivas, in case one or more of your party members go down in battle. There’s nowhere to immediately restore your health in this part of the game, so healing items are an absolute must.

- The next room down from the entrance contains more crates; check ‘em for a Cheap Bomb. To the left is a side room, the Boiler Room, which contains more crates with $100 and another Sandwich. You can toss the Tax Fraud Papers in here, then return to the receptionist for a $300 reward. If you check the left-most side of the room you’ll see a tiny crack in the wall, and inside the secret room it contains you’ll find three Coffees.

- Return to the previous area and head west. The crates beyond contain another Cheap Bomb and a Bottled Water, and there’s a page from someone’s journal on the floor that hints at some ominous-ness. The next room to the north has crates containing three Sandwiches and two Bottled Waters. There’s also a present sitting on the floor in the east, and you should be healed before you check it…

Mortis, the first obligatory boss in Suits: A Business RPG.
Does dying in Suits City turn you into a dinosaur?

Not a difficult battle. Mortis hits pretty hard, but it is vulnerable to one precious attack: Staple Down. Have Jerome use it and Mortis will constantly lose turns, giving you a chance to heal up and go on the offensive. Do so and smack Mortis back into the grave. Mortis drops a Haunted Tie upon defeat, as well as The Skeleton Key.

After beating Mortis, check back to the west. A dude who should be familiar to indie RPG fans is waiting here, and if you speak to him he’ll have words for you. And a bat.

Batter. Just... just Batter. Get outta here, Batter,
you have your own game.

Yeah, honestly, Batter is pretty much another Mortis, though he seems to hit a bit harder. Staple Down doesn’t work as often, but it’s still a decent attack, so have Jerome spam it while The Guy hits normally or uses Taunt to lower defence. You’ll get a Tasty Sandwich for besting Batter.

- Return to the 52nd floor and use the Skeleton Key on the locked door near the end of the hall. Inside is a tenant who wants to rumble. This battle starts off against a weak-as-spit Old Lady, but when you do enough damage she’ll change into a beefy robot. The 01-D is fairly strong, but it uses straightforward physical attacks and naught else, and if you’ve equipped your party members she won’t be able to do much damage regardless. Smack her down with your most powerful attacks.

- Head back to Floyd on the 14th floor after beating the Old Lady into submission. He’ll give you a Station 2 Ticket and $500 for your trouble. The Ticket will allow you to proceed to the Law District, your next stop on your journey to being successful in business.

Part Three: Law District

Main Walkthrough