- Name your worker. By default, you are ‘The Guy’. Henceforth, in this walkthrough, I, too, shall be ‘The Guy’, because it’s a fairly accurate name, really.

- You start off in a room, and you’re pressed to follow instructions. Leave the room and walk to the east end of the first hallway, speaking to people as you go. The little bloke blocking the doorway down here will give you a Paper Hat. Equip it now.

- Continue east. You’ll be directed to check a nearby crate; it contains a Sandwich.

- The end of the hall is in the far east. Check the crack in the wall beside the tiny worker to find a dude standing in an adjacent room. He’ll give you the Teacher’s Office Key. You can use it to enter the locked door back in the previous room.

- Speak to Mr. Tuits in the teacher’s office. This will get you into your first battle, with a… Stapler.


Combat in Suits is what you’d expect from an RPG. The Guy has four options: Attack, Tech, Guard, and Item. The only one that requires much explanation is Tech, as you’ll gain several moves over the course of the journey which you can use to mangle enemies. Each time you use an attack you’ll gain TP, which you can then parley into more powerful Techs. In this case you can use Case Toss to quickly demolish the Stapler and end the battle.

Later you’ll gain moves that require FU points to charge. These are usually more powerful, but you can only gain FU by drinking various forms of water. Keep this in mind when strategizing.

- After a rather horrendous graduation ceremony you’ll wind up in a small lobby. Check the phone beside you to meet CEO Roberts, who will give you some instructions. You can use similar phones to save your progress. Speak to the dude behind the front desk for Bottled Water. You can’t come back here, so don’t leave without checking out everything you want to investigate.

- Leave Business School and head south. You’ll find a Station on the next screen. The Station serves as the game’s hub, and will transport you to various different areas. You don’t have tickets for most of the trains here, so you’ll need to hop onto the first one, labelled ‘Office’.

Part Two: Office District

Main Walkthrough