- Seabottom’s a side area that you will initially access while trying to recruit the Lifeguard. You can find her on Crystal Beach, southwest of the blocked bridge that leads to Capital City. Speaking to her about recruitment will throw you right into the area, and she’ll ask you to speak to a squid about not killing people anymore. This triggers the Lifeguard Recruitment quest.

- Seabottom’s populated by a selection of seafood, and unless mentioned otherwise, they’re all weak to electrical attacks. You’ll run into the following baddies while exploring the depths:
  • Clairvoyant Clams. Similar to Cone Crabs, Clairvoyant Clams can hide in their shells to avoid damage. Kill ‘em quick before they can retreat. Not a big threat otherwise.
  • Maniac Mine. You’d think this thing might blow up, but it simply attacks one person or multiple each turn. Standard stuff. 
  • Scuba Fish. They hit fairly hard, but can’t take much abuse. Try to wipe them out with physical attacks before they puff up and increase their defences.
The main thing to know about the enemies down here - The Clams and the Scuba Fish, anyway - is that they will often drop Fresh Sushi when killed, which is an essential ingredient for recruiting the Sushi Chef back in Home Town. Fresh Sushi only lasts for roughly five minutes before it turns into Spoiled Fish, though, so you need to boot it back to him with five pieces of Sushi rather quickly. It’s much easier to kill a Scuba Fish here then fight groups of them at the School’s VR Arena to gather your Sushi. (Apparently he doesn’t mind digital seafood.)

- Your primary objective down here is Safety Squid, the cause of so much underwater misery. You’ll find him to the northeast of the entrance, sitting out in the open. Wander up and give him a beating.

Safety Squid

This is not a difficult fight, and if you’ve already battled Safety Squid’s Tentacles you’ll know what to expect. Safety Squid consists of the body and two Tentacles, and all three do basically the same thing: they either hit you or they inflict stop on you. Annoying, yes, but not that incredibly painful - especially since the Tentacles stand a good chance of curing stop. They can conceivably all stop you in one round, though, so do your damndest to get rid of the two Tentacles in the first round or two, curing your ailments when possible. Electrical attacks from Conspiracy Guy work great. Once the Tentacles are gone, Safety Squid itself is a pushover.

Besting Safety Squid will allow you to recruit the Lifeguard once you get back on land. The Lifeguard will allow you to move off of beaches and into the water whenever she’s in your active party. As such, she always needs to be present when you go underwater, whether into Seabottom or another underwater area.

- This area isn’t that interesting otherwise. You’ll find the following if you wander around: 
  • An Unagi Roll in the northwest corner of Seabottom, wedged against the very edge of the map, behind some white coral 
  • A Bun in the southwest 
  • A Birthday Cake if you skim along the rusted ship in the south
  • $500 if you walk off the edge of the map in the southeast corner. There’s a Cola sitting out in the open on the way to the $500, as well.
- There’s a break in the rusted-out ship in the south that leads to a new area. You can find the following:
  • Another Cola ‘round about the middle of the area, to the west of the cobblestones
  • An Angel Food Cake in the far southeast
  • A Stimulant dug into the sand in the southwest
That’s all for this area. The last item of note down here is in the far, far south, where you’ll find an exit to Panjama Island.