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Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Complete Precipice of War
Trigger: Speak to Deacon
Reward: 1000 Bottlecaps, Railway Rifle Long Barrel, 500 XP

- You'll trigger this quest as a consequence of demolishing the last of Cambridge Police Station's Brotherhood contingent and speaking to Deacon. Once you hop onto the Vertibird the quest will begin in earnest, and Deacon will describe your mission. He'll also give you a Stealth Boy to aid in your trek, which will probably come in handy if you want to do this quietly.

- After a bit of a shaky flight you'll wind up on the Flight Deck of the Prydwen. More or less the rest of the mission takes place here, and there are two broad methods of executing your objective:

  • Run in with guns blazing. The moment someone from the Brotherhood of Steel spots you they're going to open fire. This isn't a huge deal on the Flight Deck or the Command Deck, but once you get onto the Main Deck you'll be going up against just about every named NPC the Brotherhood has, as well as several dozen other unnamed troopers. Move between the three floors constantly to keep them spread out and remain on your toes, avoiding spots where they might pin you down. Take the lightly-armoured soldiers first, then go after the dudes with Power Armor. Anyone with a fully-automatic weapon needs to be taken out quickly or avoided completely, where possible. Not fun.
  • Sneak around. If you're a crafty enough bugger - or just have Stealth Boys on hand - this method is preferable, as you can Sneak Attack straight through Power Armor and kill the most lethal attackers before they have a clue what's happening. It'll take a while longer, but this method is safer. It'll also net you at least one suit of Power Armor, if you feel like stealing one on your way out.

It's worth noting that you can get a lot of unique stuff from the named NPCs, such as the Network Scanner and Signal Interceptor Plans from Proctor Ingram (assuming you used the Brotherhood to build the device), Teagan's Armor from Proctor Teagan, Quinlan's Armor from Proctor Quinlan, Science Scribe's Armor from Senior Scribe Neriah (not unique, but rare enough),  and the Airship Captain's Hat from Lancer Captain Kells. This is to say nothing of the wealth of Mini Nukes, Fusion Cores, and assorted ammo you can find laying around the Prydwen.

- Regardless of how you clear out the Prydwen - or if you even bother killing anyone - you'll find all three Gas Bag Valves on the upper catwalk of the Main Deck, and if you're even moderately sneaky you can probably reach them without too much trouble. You need to be careful upon leaving, though, because Elder Maxson and three other Knights will be waiting by the Main Deck's exit, and they all have heavy-duty weapons. A grenade or two can help even the odds substantially, as can careful firing from cover. Check Maxson for Maxson's Battlecoat and the Final Judgment if you wind up killing him.

- Return to the Vertibird after planting the bombs. Once the ship takes off you'll come under fire from Boston Airport, and though you can fight back the best thing you can probably do is focus on your health and use Stimpaks to stave off death. You'll quickly get far enough away that the beams will stop hitting - and shortly after they do, boom! Fun times.

- Tom will drop you off across the water from what's left of Boston Airport. Report back to Railroad HQ and speak to Desdemona to complete the mission. This will spark the next, final mission in the Railroad's quest line, The Nuclear Option.

Main Walkthrough